Advanced Topics in Law and Public Service

Section 1, Spring 23

Schedule Information

Enrollment: 14/16
Credits: 1
Days* Date Time Room
  • M
  • M
  • M
  • M
  • M
  • M
  • 01/23/2023
  • 02/06/2023
  • 02/27/2023
  • 03/13/2023
  • 04/10/2023
  • 04/24/2023
  • 1540-1740
  • 1540-1740
  • 1540-1740
  • 1540-1740
  • 1540-1740
  • 1540-1740
  • WB114
  • WB114
  • WB114
  • WB114
  • WB114
  • WB114
*“R” means Thursday

Course Description

This is an elective graded on a Credit/No Credit basis designed for 3L students in the Program in Law & Public Service and/or considering a public-interest career. Over six seminar sessions, we will confront pressing questions of what it means to be a lawyer working in the public interest. We will host a series of speakers and discuss a diverse set of readings, including academic articles, court decisions, practitioner papers, and even memoirs and novels. Individual sessions may focus on a range of topics from international human rights to criminal-legal reform to government and movement lawyering to racial, environmental, and economic justice. Attendance is mandatory; please be sure you can attend all class sessions identified above before enrolling in the course.

Course Requirements

Exam Info:
Final Type (if any): None
Description: None

Written Work Product
Written Work Product: Students will not be required to create written work product; rather, students will be required to make an oral presentation, attend class, and participate in class discussions.

Other Work

Other Course Details
Prerequisites: Initially available to 3L JDs in the Law & Public Service Program. Must be 2L, 3L or LLM to obtain a seat in the class after initial priority to 3L LPS members. Concurrencies: None
Mutually Exclusive With: None
Laptops Allowed: Yes
First Day Attendance Required: Yes
Course Resources: To be announced.
Course Notes: The seminar is graded on a Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC) basis. The course will be initially available to 3L participants in the Law and Public Service (LPS) Program. Interested 3L LPS members must email Assistant Dean Dugas ( expressing interest in the course by September 15th, and SRO will randomly select students for enrollment if demand exceeds the capacity, but if seats are available after the initial priority for LPS students, the course will be available for the student body via the Lottery and/or Add/Drop process.

Graduation Requirements

*Satisfies Writing Requirement: No
**Credits For Prof. Skills Requirement: No
Satisfies Professional Ethics: No

*If “Yes,” then students are required to submit a substantial research paper in this course, which means students do not need to submit any form to SRO for this paper to meet their upper-level writing requirement. If “No,” then students must submit a “special request” e-form to SRO (available via LawWeb) no later than five weeks after the start of the term for a paper in this class to be counted toward the upper-level writing requirement.

**Yes indicates course credits count towards UVA Law’s Prof. Skills graduation requirement, not necessarily a skills requirements for any particular state bar.

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Cross Listed: No
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Public Syllabus Link: None
Evaluation Portal Via LawWeb Opens: Friday, April 21, 12:01 AM
Evaluation Portal Via LawWeb Closes: Sunday, April 30, 11:59 PM