Student Affinity Organizations

Virginia students have the opportunity to participate in innovative student organizations that bring together students of different racial, ethnic, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds, as well as people of different sexual orientations and political affiliations.

Agape is a Christian legal fellowship that seeks to uphold the "greatest commandment," to love God and love others. Agape is committed to being LGBTQ+-affirming, anti-racist, pro-feminist and anti-oppression and growing together to become better Christians, friends, community members and law students.

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association
APALSA provides academic and social support to its members and reaches out to the Law School community on issues pertaining to Asian-Americans.

Black Law Students Association
BLSA promotes the welfare of its members through educational, professional, cultural and social programs, while offering a forum for the discussion of issues affecting both the black law student and University communities. The group won National Chapter of the Year at the 2007 BLSA conference.

Jewish Law Students Association
JLSA provides cultural, educational and social programming for Jewish law students and serves as a resource for the rest of the Law School.

Korean American Law Student Association
KALSA serves as a community space organized to represent the views of Korean American students at UVA Law; promote the welfare of its members through educational, professional, cultural and social programs; and provide a discussion forum for Korean American law students.

Lambda Law Alliance
Lambda Law Alliance provides a supportive network for sexual minorities and their allies enrolled in the Law School and heightens community awareness about legal issues relevant to sexual minorities.

Latin American Law Organization 
LALO is an all-inclusive student group devoted to increasing awareness of legal issues facing Latinos and Latin America.

Law Christian Fellowship
LCF is a nondenominational Christian fellowship committed to presenting Christianity to the Law School and the surrounding Charlottesville community through service, outreach and fellowship.

Middle Eastern and North African Law Student Association
MENA seeks to create a community of people with Middle Eastern and North African descent at UVA’s Law School.

Muslim Law Students Association
MLSA provides educational, cultural, and social programming to foster a sense of community at the Law School while aiming to increase awareness of the legal issues pertinent to Muslim Americans.

Older Wiser Law Students
The OWLS at UVA strive to enhance the experience of older-than-typical law students by organizing social events, hosting guest speakers, and arranging networking opportunities that can uniquely benefit older students. 

Rex E. Lee Law Society
The Rex E. Lee Law Society supports members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) who are studying or interested in studying law at the University of Virginia.

South Asian Law Student Association
SALSA promotes the welfare of its members through educational, professional, cultural and social programs.

St. Thomas More Society
The St. Thomas More Society fosters high ethical principles in the legal profession and in the community of Catholic lawyers.

Virginia Law Families and Partners
Virginia Law Families supports and promotes the interests of students facing the challenges of attending law school while raising children.

Virginia Law First-Generation Professionals 
This organization focuses on facilitating the transition and integration of first-generation college students, professional students, and Americans and students from low-income or working-class communities into UVA Law and the legal profession.

Virginia Law Veterans
Virginia Law Veterans serves as an information resource on veterans’ issues and national security and international law and policy topics. The organization sponsors events that support the school’s military community.

Virginia Law Women
Virginia Law Women is dedicated to addressing issues that interest, concern and affect women in law school.

Women of Color
Women of Color promotes the welfare of the diverse population of women at the Law School through a number of programs.

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