Adam Hofri-Winogradow

  • Montesquieu Chair in Comparative Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Law

Adam Hofri-Winogradow is Montesquieu Chair in Comparative Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Law. He specializes in the comparative study of trusts law, fiduciary law, estates (succession and wills) law, "elder law," pensions, insurance, and relevant issues of tax and family law. A teacher of trusts and corporate law, he has published comparative research on the reform and transformation of trust law and trust practice in dozens of countries worldwide, using a large array of empirical research methods: quantitative, qualitative and historical.

Hofri-Winogradow is a winner of two academic prizes and was a visiting professor at Georgetown Law Center, Western Ontario University and the Center for Transnational Legal Studies, London. He was also Martin Flynn Global Law Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Law. He has taught the basic trust law course under the laws of England, Ontario and Israel, as well as a wide-ranging class in comparative and offshore trust law and practice.

Hofri-Winogradow has published work in journals including the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Modern Law Review, Iowa Law Review, Law and History Review, Law and Social Inquiry, University of Toronto Law Journal, Journal of Private International Law, Hastings Law Journal, Ohio State Law Journal and Trust Law International. He regularly speaks at conferences around the world, including the annual meeting of the American Law and Economics Association, symposia funded by the American College of Trusts and Estates Counse, and the biannual Trusts and Wealth Management conferences at Singapore Management University.    


  • Ph.D.
    University of Oxford
  • M.A.
    Tel Aviv University
  • LL.B.
    Tel Aviv University
  • B.M.
    Berklee College of Music

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