Gil Siegal

Gil Siegal

Director, Center for Health Law and Bioethics, Kiryat Ono College
(434) 924-7394

Dr. Gil Siegal’s scholarly interests cover the expanding spectrum of modern health law and bioethics including medical malpractice, genetics and biotechnology, public health law, organ transplantation and telemedicine.

Siegal is director of the Center for Health Law and Bioethics at Kiryat Ono College in Israel and a senior researcher at the Gertner Institute for Health Policy. He is chief editor of The Journal of Health Law & Bioethics [Heb].

Siegal serves on several national committees in Israel, including the Israeli National Committee for Medical Research, the Israeli National Committee on Human Genetic Research and the Israeli National Committee on Non-Medical Sex Selection. He is chairperson of the Israeli National Forum for Legal and Ethical Aspect of Genetics.

During 2003-04, Siegal was a fellow in health policy and ethics at UVA School of Law, where he also taught Comparative Health Law. During 2004-05, he served as a fellow in medical ethics at Harvard University Medical School, and a research fellow and consultant at Harvard School of Public Health, working on demonstration projects of administrative compensation for medical injuries (with Michelle Mello and David Studdert). He also previously served as a professor at UVA Law.

He has taught at the following law and medical schools: Haifa University, Manchester University, Tel Aviv University, Bar Ilan University and Hebrew University.

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