Lee Buchheit

  • Lecturer

Lee C. Buchheit retired in 2019 after a 43-year legal career. During his career, Buchheit worked on more than two dozen sovereign-debt restructurings. He led the legal teams advising Greece in the 2012 restructuring of government bonds totaling more than 206 billion euros — the largest sovereign-debt workout in history. He also advised the Republic of Iraq in the 2004-2008 restructuring of $140 billion of debt accumulated by the Saddam regime. He holds a variety of academic appointments. In addition to his work at the University of Edinburgh Law School, he is a visiting professor at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies in London.


  • Dipl. Intl. Jur.
    Cambridge University
  • J.D.
    University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • A.B.
    Middlebury College

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