Charles J. Goetz

  • Joseph M. Hartfield Professor of Law Emeritus

Charles Goetz in 1975 became the first full-time non-lawyer member of the faculty. Since then he has been a driving force in the interdisciplinary study of law and economics at the Law School. Goetz currently teaches antitrust law, contracts, law and economics, and modern methods of proof (complex evidence: experts, statistics, video, computers, etc.). He has a scholarly interest in the applications of economic analysis to law and antitrust, regulatory, and non-market public policy analysis. His Law and Economics casebook, published in 1984, is the first of its kind. Goetz is a member of the Public Choice Society, the Southern Economic Association, and Phi Beta Kappa. He serves on the board of editors for the Review of Constitutional Political Economy, as a referee for various professional journals, and as a consultant for a number of legal and non-profit entities.

In 1964-65 Goetz was a NATO postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pavia, Italy. Prior to his appointment at Virginia, he taught economics at the University of Illinois and Virginia Tech, where he was director of the Virginia Tech graduate program in economics.

Goetz has taught economics courses for the judiciary, in the Law School's LL.M. program for judges, and in programs for the federal judiciary under the auspices of the Federal Judicial Center and of the George Mason Law and Economics Center. He also has worked with a number of law firms as a litigation consultant and expert witness.

Scholarship Profile: Festschrift to Charles J. Goetz (Virginia Journal 2003)


  • Ph.D.
    University of Virginia
  • A.B.

Books and Monographs:

Antitrust Law: Interpretation and Implementation (with Fred S. McChesney) (Foundation Press 3d ed. 2006).

Uncommon Common-Sense vs. Conventional Wisdom: The Virginia School of Economics (G.M.U. Public Choice Center, 1991).

Using Experts: Pretrial Preparation, Trial Testimony and Settling Sases (with Stephen A. Saltzburg & Gregory P. Joseph) (University of Nebraska College of Law and Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys, 1985).

Cases and Materials on Law and Economics (West, 1984).

Social Security Hearings and Appeals: A Study of the Social Security Administration Hearing System (Jerry L. Mashaw, Frank I. Goodman, Warren F. Schwartz, & Paul R. Verkuil) (Lexington Books, 1978).

Book Chapters:

"Games and Risk" (with G. Tullock), in Brady & Tollison, eds., In Search of Homo Economicus, (GMU Press, 1995).

"Fiscal Illusion in State and Local Finance," in Thomas E. Borcherding, ed., Budgets and Bureaucrats: The Sources of Government Growth 176 (Duke University Press, 1977).

"Some Influences of the Form of Political Representation on Majority Rule Fiscal Choices," in Paul B. Downing, ed., Local Service Pricing Policies and Their Effect on Urban Spatial Structure 217 (University of British Columbia Press, 1977).


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"Commentary on 'Towards a Market in Unmatured Tort Claims': Collateral Implications," 75 Va. L. Rev. 413 (1989).

"The Mitigation Principle: Toward a General Theory of Contractual Obligation" (with Robert E. Scott), 69 Va. L. Rev. 967 (1983). Excerpts reprinted in Victor P. Goldberg, ed., Readings in the Economics of Contract Law 61 (Cambridge University Press, 1989).

"The Meaning of 'Subsidy' and 'Injury' in the Countervailing Duty Law" (with Lloyd Granet and Warren F. Schwartz), 6 Int'l Rev. L. & Econ. 17 (1986).

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"Mistaken Judicial Activism: Proposed Constraints on Creditor Remedies/Contractual Remedies and the Normative Acceptability of State-Imposed Coercion" (with Simon Rottenberg), 4 Cato J. 959 (1985).

"Wherefore the Landlord-Tenant Law 'Revolution'?—Some Comments," 69 Cornell L. Rev. 592 (1984).

"Principles of Relational Contracts" (with Robert E. Scott), 67 Va. L. Rev. 1089 (1981).

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"Measuring Sellers' Damages: The Lost-Profits Puzzle" (with R. Scott), 31 Stan. L. Rev. 323 (1979).

"Liquidated Damages, Penalties and the Just Compensation Principle: Some Notes on an Enforcement Model and a Theory of Efficient Breach" (with Robert E. Scott), 77 Colum. L. Rev. 554 (1977).

"Environmental Policy Formation and the Tax Treatment of Citizen Interest Groups" (with Gordon Brady), 211 Law & Contemp. Probs. Autumn 1975.

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