Jonathan Z. Cannon

  • Blaine T. Phillips Distinguished Professor of Environmental Law Emeritus

Jonathan Cannon, who served as the inaugural director of the Law School’s Program in Law, Communities and the Environment (PLACE), joined the Law School faculty in 1998 from the Environmental Protection Agency, where he served as general counsel (1995-98) and assistant administrator for administration and resources management (1992-95). Prior to his work with the EPA, Cannon was in the private practice of environmental law; served as an adjunct professor at Washington and Lee Law School, where he taught environmental law; and was a lecturer at the Law School. Cannon is the author of the book “Environment in the Balance: The Green Movement and the Supreme Court.” He retired from UVA in May 2021.

Scholarship Profile: Finding a Way Forward on the Environment


  • J.D.
    University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • B.A.
    Williams College


Environment in the Balance: The Green Movement and the Supreme Court (Harvard University Press, 2015).

Reclaiming the Land: Rethinking Superfund Institutions, Methods, and Practices (editor with Gregg P. Macey) (Springer, 2007).

Book Chapters

“Judicial Review in the New Age of Deference” in Combating Climate Change With Section 115 of the Clean Air Act (Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2020).

“Clean Water” in EPA at 50 (Rowman & Littlefield, forthcoming 2020).


"Pope Francis, Laudato Si’, and U.S. Environmentalism” (with Stephen Cushman), 42 Wm. & Mary Envtl. L. & Pol'y Rev. 1 (2017).
HeinOnline (PDF)

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"The Sounds of Silence: Cost Benefit Canons in Entergy Corp. v. Riverkeeper, Inc.," 34 Harv. Envtl. L. Rev. 425 (2010).
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HeinOnline (PDF)

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“Superfund Transaction Costs: A Critical Perspective on the Superfund Liability Scheme” (with William N. Hedeman and David M. Friedland), 21 Envtl L. Rep. 10413 (1991).

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