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Professor Michal Barzuza researches and teaches corporate law, corporate governance, corporate finance, regulatory competition and law and economics. Her scholarship studies the optimal balance between regulation and laissez-faire in corporate law, focusing on issues such as the effects of interstate competition on the shape of corporate law, firm heterogeneity and the choice of corporate governance terms, cross-listing, boardroom dynamics, outside directors and the general counsel, and firms with controlling shareholders.

Her research analyzing Nevada’s attempt to compete with Delaware over incorporations by offering lax law was selected as one of the top 10 papers in corporate and securities law for 2012 in a national survey of corporate law professors and was reprinted in the Corporate Practice Commentator. This research and her research on the companies that choose to incorporate in Nevada received significant national coverage. Her work was twice selected for presentation at the Stanford/Yale Junior Faculty Forum, and seven times at the annual meetings of the American Law and Economics Association.

Barzuza was a visiting professor at New York University Law School and served on the board of Southern Union Gas, a mid-size New York Stock Exchange company. She practiced corporate law at the Israeli law firm of Haim Zadok & Co., and was a summer associate at Sidley Austin Brown & Wood in New York.

Barzuza received her S.J.D. from Harvard Law School. Her dissertation won the John M. Olin Prize for Outstanding Paper in Law and Economics. After her graduation she served as an Olin Fellow in Law, Economics and Business at Harvard. During her studies she taught a workshop on regulatory competition in corporate and securities law as a Byse Teaching Fellow. She received an LL.B. and a B.A. in economics from Tel Aviv University, where she was a Cegla Research Fellow in law and economics and an editor of the Tel Aviv University Law Review.

Professor Michal Barzuza Elected to Prestigious ALEA Board

UVA Law Professor Michal Barzuza's Article Named Among Top 10 in Corporate Law

Scholarship Profile: Searching for the Right Mix of Freedom and Regulation in Corporate Law (Virginia Journal 2011)


  • M.A.
    University of Virginia Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
  • S.J.D.
    Harvard Law School
  • B.A.
    Tel Aviv University
  • LL.M.
    Harvard Law School
  • LL.B.
    Tel Aviv University


The Millennial Corporation: Strong Stakeholders, Weak Managers (with Quinn Curtis & David Webber), Stanford Journal of Law Business & Finance (2023).

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Op-Eds, Blogs, Shorter Works

Why Millennials Will Win Trump’s War on Socially Responsible Investing (with Quinn Curtis & David H. Webber), The Hill (October 27, 2020).
Interlocking Board Seats and Protection for Directors after Schoon, Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance & Financial Regulation Blog (January 13, 2014).

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