Resident Faculty

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Aditya Bamzai
Administrative law, civil procedure, computer crime, federal courts, national security law
  • Served as an attorney-adviser in the Office of Legal Counsel at the Department of Justice
  • Practice appellate litigation privately and for DOJ's National Security Division
  • Clerked for Justice Antonin Scalia at the U.S. Supreme Court
Charles Barzun
Evidence, torts, jurisprudence and legal history
  • Clerked for Judge Robert D. Sack of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit 
  • Former Climenko Fellow and lecturer, Harvard Law School 
  • Barzun's research fcuses on the interdependence of the philosophy of law and the history of law.
Michal Barzuza
Corporate law and corporate finance
  • Received the John M. Olin Prize for outstanding S.J.D. dissertation in law and economics at Harvard Law School 
  • Her article, "Market Segmentation: The Rise of Nevada as a Liability-Free Jurisdiction," was named among the 10 best corporate and securities law articles published in 2012, in an annual poll of corporate law professors conducted by Corporate Practice Commentator (Story)
  • Scholarship integrates law and finance (Scholarship Profile). Her article "What Happens in Nevada? Self-Selecting into Lax Law," was published in the Review of Financial Studies. 
Richard Bonnie
Psychiatry and criminal law, mental health law, bioethics, public health
  • Has chaired numerous National Academy of Medicine studies on subjects ranging from elder mistreatment to underage drinking
  • Among his advisory roles, served as chair of the Commission on Mental Health Law Reform established by the chief justice of Virginia (2006-11) in the wake of the Virginia Tech shooting
  • Awarded the American Psychiatric Association's Special Presidential Commendation in 2003 and 2016 for his contributions to American psychiatry
  • In 2013 Bonnie met with Vice President Joe Biden on gun violence, participated in a round-table discussion of the problem along with federal officials and testified on a Connecticut advisory panel following the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. (Faculty Q&A
Criminal procedure and criminal defense law
  • Clerked for Judge Dennis Jacobs of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
  • Practiced criminal defense as an associate for Morvillo, Abramowitz, Grand, Iason & Silberberg and as staff attorney for the Bronx Defenders 
  • Scholarship often focuses on fairness for the accused in the legal system (Faculty Q&A)
Molly Brady
Property, land use, state and local government law, legal history, IP law
  • Ph.D. in law from Yale University
  • Her scholarship undertakes historical analyses of legal rules and land use policies
  • Two-time recipient of the Parker Prize for legal history scholarship at Yale
  • Clerked for Judge Bruce M. Selya on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit
Appeals, white-collar criminal defense
  • Secured the release of two men who had spent decades in prison for wrongful murder convictions: Marty Tankleff, who was exonerated on appeal, and Damien Echols — one of the "West Memphis Three" — who was on death row. (Story)
  • Has argued more than 25 federal appeals cases and about 20 before state appellate courts
  • Along with Professor Brandon Garrett, he has addressed the United Nations regarding wrongful convictions. (Story
  • Over 30 years of practice as a white-collar criminal defense attorney
Darryl Brown
Criminal law, evidence and procedure
  • Clerked for then-Chief Judge Dolores K. Sloviter of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
  • Worked as an assistant public defender, a source of inspiration for his later scholarship explaining how criminal law works (Scholarship Profile)
  • Has explored over-criminalization in the justice system (Faculty Q&A)
  • Author of the book "Free Market Criminal Justice: How Democracy and Laissez Faire Undermine the Rule of Law"
Ruth Buck
Legal research and writing
  • Practiced in the litigation section of Neely & Player in Atlanta, handling cases ranging from personal injury and contract disputes to securities fraud
  • As a law student, was a finalist in the Lile Moot Court Competition and won the Stephen Pierre Traynor Award for Excellence in Appellate Advocacy