Class of 2020 Graduation Gift Campaign

Class of 2020 Graduation Gift Campaign

Rachel Staub and Tim Sensenig

The Class of 2020 Graduation Gift Campaign was paused until Spring 2021 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although a year like no other, the legacy of the class gift remains. The Class of 1996 established the Graduation Gift Campaign to encourage support from the Law School’s newest alumni. Each year class managers work with class agents to solicit participation in the gift campaign from their classmates. Class gifts reinvigorate the commitment of our older alumni to annual giving.

A high level of participation is more important than the size of a class’ contributions. Led by co-chairs Tim Sensenig (right) and Rachel Staub, the campaign’s 25 class agent volunteers will ask each classmate to support the Law School during their spring 2021 graduation gift campaign.

Class of 2020 Graduation Gift Co-Chairs

  • Tim P. Sensenig
  • Rachel L. Staub

Class Agents

  • Karina S. Bakhshi-Azar
  • Rachel Barnes
  • Will Brantley
  • Samuel T. Connor
  • Henry Dickman
  • Peter N. Dragna
  • Raymond Gans
  • Lise K. Guerrier
  • Julia C. Jackson
  • Austin L. Johnson
  • Sydney Juliano
  • Julian Kritz
  • Rachel Leary
  • Jasmine Lee
  • Read Mills
  • Ronald E. Pantalena
  • Kareem W. Ramadan
  • Ryan Matthew Ray
  • Christian Rice
  • Miranda K. Russell
  • Austin Marie Schlatter
  • Mary Eleanor Schmalzl
  • Erin L. Seagears
  • Samantha J. Thoma
  • Laura Elizabeth Toulme

For information contact Aimee Carter, Director of Young Alumni Development, Law School Foundation, (434) 924-4514.

History of the Class Gift