Class of 2021 Graduation Gift Campaign

Class of 2021 Graduation Gift Campaign

Savanna Williams and Maria Luevano
Class Pledge Campaign Co-Chairs Savanna Williams and Maria Luevano

Class of 2021 Pledge Campaign Kicks Off

The Class of 2021 pledge campaign, "Shape the Future," kicked off on March 22.

While the class’s final three semesters were vastly altered due to the pandemic, the class has the unique ability to help shape the Law School’s future. The hope is that all members of the class will make a four-year pledge of support to UVA Law. Virginia ranks #1 among the nation’s top law schools in annual giving participation.

Led by Class Pledge Campaign Co-Chairs Savanna Williams and Maria Luevano, the campaign’s 26 class agent volunteers will reach out to every classmate to ask for a pledge to donate for the four years leading to their fifth reunion.

UVA Law’s annual giving alumni participation rate has neared 50% for 15 consecutive years. The school's young alumni have set amazing participation rates in that time, with more than 80% of each graduating class pledging their support.

Shape the Future logoThe Class of 2021 wants to make its mark as a class that not only contributed to the Law School community in considerable ways during their time at Virginia, but also as a class committed to shaping the future of UVA Law.

Please join the class and participate in the “Shape the Future” Campaign. Every pledge counts, every pledge matters.

Class of 2021 Graduation Gift Co-Chairs

  • Maria Luevano
  • Savanna Williams

Class Agents

  • Nicole Agama
  • Nicole Banton
  • Zachary Michael Bell
  • Steven J. Bonniwell
  • Rachel Landsman Daley
  • Katherine H. Ferrara
  • Noah W. Fitzgerel
  • Rankin S. Fortenberry
  • John A. Ghazoul
  • Kolleen Christina Gladden
  • Katarzyna M. Goebel
  • Hayley A. Hahn
  • Zona H. Hijazi
  • William Vaughan Kelly
  • Mihir Khetarpal
  • Colin J. Lee
  • Jehanne C. McCullough
  • John W. Miller II
  • Arjun Pushkar Ogale
  • Stephen E. Paul
  • Samuel H. Pickett
  • Nicole C. Pidala
  • Joshua B. Short
  • Sara Wendel
  • Charles Matthew West
  • Carmen J. Williams
  • Jolena M. Zabel

For information contact Aimee Carter, Director of Young Alumni Development, Law School Foundation, (434) 924-4514.

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