Career Services and Practical Training

People who come to the United States on a student visa are not permitted to seek permanent employment in the United States. LL.M. graduates may, however, seek permission to remain in the United States for a limited period of "practical training" following graduation. Students should be aware that securing such positions can be challenging and will require significant effort on their parts. The Law School offers assistance to foreign students in their searches for practical training internships with leading international law firms. We also participate annually in the Overseas-Trained LL.M. Interview Program coordinated each year by the Columbia University School of Law and co-sponsored by the University of Virginia School of Law and the law schools at the University of Chicago, Columbia University, Harvard, the University of Michigan, Stanford and Yale.

Bar Admission

The LL.M. degree alone does not qualify foreign lawyers to practice law in the United States. Each state has its own criteria and procedures for admitting lawyers to practice, and requirements vary. Lawyers from abroad seeking information on these requirements should contact the bar examiners in the state in which they wish to practice. In recent years, approximately one-third of Virginia's graduate law students have taken a bar examination following their graduation; most take the New York Bar.

Additional Information

“I love the positive academic atmosphere at UVA Law. The students are incredibly smart and hard-working. The professors are amazingly talented and thoughtful, and they care deeply about their students.”

—Fengjian Ao '14, China