Constitutional Law and Legal History


The Law School’s curriculum features two concentrations with courses in constitutional law and legal history. The following is a list of courses offered during the current and two previous academic years. Numbers in parentheses indicate which academic year(s) the courses were offered, i.e., 2012-13 is coded (13), 2013-14 is coded (14) and 2014-15 is coded (15).

Advanced Campaign Finance (15)
Advanced Topics in the First Amendment (Religion Clauses) (13,14,15)
American Constitutional Development (14)
Business and Governmental Tort Liability (15)
CaseFiles and Contracts (13,14,15)
Citizenship and Group Identity (13)
Civil Liberties (13,14,15)
Civil Liberties Survey (13,14,15)
Civil Rights Litigation (13,14,15)
Civil War and the Constitution (14)
Comparative Constitutional Design (13,14)
Comparative Constitutional Law Seminar (13,14,15)
Constitutional Law and the Scholarly Process (14,15)
Constitutional Law II: Church and State (13,14,15)
Constitutional Law II: Freedom of Speech and Press (14,15)
Constitutional Law II: Law and the Theory of Equal Protection (14)
Constitutional Law II: Parents, Children and Reproduction (14)
Constitutional Rights of Corporations (13)
Constitutional Theory (13,14,15)
Constitutionalism: History and Jurisprudence (13,14,15)
Constitution-Making (15)
Criminal Law in the Supreme Court (13)
Defamation (14,15)
Environmental Law and Federalism: Case Studies in Politics and Public Policy (13)
Federal Lawyer (13)
Federal Sentencing (13,14,15)
First Amendment and the Scholarly Process (14,15)
Habeas Corpus and Wrongful Convictions (13,14)
Innocence Cases: How Much Is Enough? (13)
Judicial Review (13)
Judicial Role in American History (14)
Land Use Law (13,14,15)
Law and Higher Education (13,14,15)
Law of the Police (13,14,15)
Law of War (13,14,15)
Laws of War: Contemporary Debates (14,15)
Legislation (13,14,15)
Lochner Era (15)
Monetary Constitution (13,14,15)
Money and Rights (15)
Presidential Powers (13,14,15)
Profiling (13,14)
Race and Law (13)
Race and Law (Short Course) (13)
Readings in Constitutional Law (14)
Regulation of the Political Process (13,14,15)
Right to Education in U.S.: Real or Hollow? (13,14)
Slavery and the Constitution (14)
Special Education Law (14)
Supreme Court Decisionmaking (13,14)
Supreme Court from Warren to Roberts (13,14,15)
Supreme Court Justices and the Art of Judging (13,14,15)
Supreme Court: October Term (14,15)
Virginia and the Constitution (13,14,15)


Appellate Litigation Clinic (13,14,15)
First Amendment Clinic (13,14,15)
Supreme Court Litigation Clinic (13,14,15)

American Legal Realism (13)
An American Half-Century (13,14,15)
Civil War and the Constitution (14,15)
Constitutional History I: Articles of Confederation Through the Civil War (13)
Constitutional History II: From Reconstruction to Brown (15)
Crime and Punishment (13,14)
Global Legal History (15)
International Ifs in the Mid-20th Century (14,15)
Judicial Role in American History (13,14)
Learning from the Holocaust: Law, History and Responsibility (15)
Legal History Colloquium (14)
Race and Law: Landmark Cases (14)
Slavery and the Constitution (14)
Stocks to Cellblocks: American Punishment Since 1776 (15)