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Allen Braddock
Photo by Julia Davis

Coffee Achiever Enjoys Daily Grind

April 10, 2020
Julia Davis

Allen Braddock’s morning, afternoon and evening all start with coffee. 

While caffeine is seen as a necessity for many students at the University of Virginia School of Law, for this third-year student, enjoying a caffeinated beverage isn’t just a morning pick-me-up. Braddock considers drinking coffee one of his favorite activities. 

“The best part of spending time at coffee shops … is the coffee,” said Braddock, a self-described coffee enthusiast and coffee shop frequenter. “The best coffee in my opinion is Arabica that is grown in Colombia. Colombian coffee is so well-balanced and quite strong.” 

On the average day, Braddock says he consumes four cups of coffee, with “an espresso thrown in the afternoon.” Prior to the shift to online classes, Braddock attended his classes with a large thermos of coffee and liked to end his days studying at one of his favorite local coffee shops. 

For me, I believe that by creating time for yourself and spending time outside the school, you improve your school-life balance and overall function better as a law student, he said. 

These days, Braddock has been enjoying his daily coffee at home, where he has stocked up on a few pounds of Colombian dark roast. 

He noted that he recently enjoyed the best coffee he’s ever had during a trip to Rome over winter break. While the caffeine is important, Braddock said his favorite cups of coffee are all about the flavor. 

“Like wines, cigars or whiskeys, coffee beans each have a unique flavor profile that varies greatly by region and have their place in particular settings,” Braddock said. A strong espresso with hints of chocolate is the perfect after-dinner drink.” 

In addition to being a good study spot, coffee shops also provided Braddock with a social and networking circle outside of the Law School. The former owner of Milli Coffee Roasters, Braddock’s favorite local shop, was one of the first friends he made after coming to Charlottesville. 

Millis and coffee shops generally have become a place for me to not only work and study, but also get good coffee, meet new people, and make and establish connections to those outside of the Law School,” Braddock said. “Although I miss the social interactions that I had at the coffee shops, at least I can still have my coffee here at home!” 

At the Law School, Braddock is a member of the Latin American Law Organization and the Lone Star Lawyers. He is also a member of the International and European Tax Moot Court team, which recently advanced to the finals in an online competition. (UVA Law fielded the first U.S. team to win the competition in 2018 and repeated the feat in 2019.) 

After graduation this spring, Braddock will join Sidley Austin’s corporate transactional and tax teams in Houston. 


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