Matt Greeson '12: Diving into Corporate Law

June 21, 2010

This summer, I'm working as a research assistant to Professor Michael Dooley, and it's proving to be a rewarding and educational experience. Professor Dooley is the reporter for the Committee on Corporate Laws of the Section of Business Law of the American Bar Association, which publishes the Model Business Corporation Act in annotated volumes. The Model Act is the uniform model statute followed by dozens of states in the creation of their own corporation laws. Together with the ever-important Delaware corporate statute, it forms the basis for the formation and regulation of most American corporations.

Matt Greeson
Matt Greeson

As reporter for the ABA committee, Professor Dooley is responsible for the annual supplement to the annotated volumes of the Model Act, and my job consists of assisting in researching changes in state corporate law for the newest supplements. The yearly supplements to the annotation include both new statutes and case law, so I'm exposed to a variety of sources of law.

Diving headfirst into corporate law has been an edifying experience to say the least. Not only am I exposed to the substance of the Model Act, but I'm learning about the variations on the act promulgated by the states, the interpretations of the act given by the courts, and the process of law formation, both by the ABA committee writing the act and by the individual state legislatures making their own determinations about which provisions to include or change. Finally, I find working with Professor Dooley enjoyable and I've been given the opportunity to refine my research and task management skills. I'm looking forward to continuing my research for the rest of the summer.

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