Ashbrook to Lead Virginia Law Review

Joey Ashbrook

Second-year law student Joey Ashbrook is the new editor-in-chief of the Virginia Law Review, which was founded in 1913 and is published eight times a year.

February 16, 2012

Second-year law student Joey Ashbrook has been named editor-in-chief of the Virginia Law Review, the most prestigious student-run journal at the University of Virginia School of Law.

Hometown: Cincinnati

Prior education: B.S. in broadcasting from the University of Tennessee; MBA from Miami University

Prior work experience: My work background has been fairly diverse and includes our small family manufacturing business, market research consulting, firefighter/EMT and high school football coach. I have broad interests and a strong curiosity, so I'm typically involved in multiple things at the same time.

Future career plans: I am currently working through the clerkship process and am genuinely excited about the practice of law. I look forward to getting back to the professional world and helping clients solve their problems. I have always enjoyed that.

Favorite law class or subject: American government is fascinating to me, especially the interplay between state and federal law.

Extracurricular activities at the Law School: Federalist Society, softball, Law Christian Fellowship

Advice for students who want to make Law Review: Work as hard as you can. You have the journal tryout, note submission and grades. For 1Ls, regarding grades, remember that it is only halftime and that most games are won in the second half. So lay it all on the line. But realize that there are some things you just cannot control and keep things in perspective. Law Review is a great goal, but academic credentials do not set your professional ceiling. Far more important are hard work, perseverance and the humility to see where you need to improve.

Goals for the Virginia Law Review in the coming year:The Virginia Law Review was around for almost a hundred years before we got here and will be around a hundred years after we're gone. Our job is to protect its legacy while we're here. So we'll work hard to deliver a publication of the highest quality and develop our people, our brand and the strength of our business. We are humbled by the opportunity and are excited to get started. 


Founded in 1819, the University of Virginia School of Law is the second-oldest continuously operating law school in the nation. Consistently ranked among the top law schools, Virginia is a world-renowned training ground for distinguished lawyers and public servants, instilling in them a commitment to leadership, integrity and community service.

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