Q&A With New SBA President Alex Aurisch

Alex Aurisch

Alex Aurisch, the new SBA president, says she intends to work on intiatives such as course evaluation, class recording and student surveys.

February 14, 2012

Second-year law student Alex Aurisch was recently elected president of the Student Bar Association.

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Prior education: B.A., psychology, Rice University, 2007

Prior work experience: Prior to coming to law school, I taught LSAT for about two years. Over the summer, I worked for a law firm, Fulbright & Jaworski, in Houston.

Future career plans: That's kind of what I'm looking at right now, trying to see whether criminal law might be an option. I definitely want to do trial law, whether that's prosecution or private litigation. Criminal law has the benefit of actually being able to be in court a lot, and I think the psychology major in me finds it fascinating.

Favorite law class or subject: I honestly like the more practical classes. Last semester, I took Trial Advocacy, and that was really great because you got so much experience by actually doing it and getting a feeling of, "Oh, I can actually do this."

And I really enjoyed Drug Product Liability Litigation last semester because it gave a helpful review of torts in a really interesting field, but also gave a lot of practical insights because our professor, Peter Grossi, has been practicing in the field for a long time.

What you look forward to as SBA president: I'm really looking forward to seeing what people want done and what students are prioritizing. Having been on SBA the past year, I know some of the things we've been working on and I'd like to see us get those wrapped up.

Some of these things include changing the professor course evaluation system to make it easier to find classes by a professor.

Another thing we've been working on is getting all professors to record classes, so people traveling during OGIs can still listen to lectures. If we can do it, that's going to be a huge help because students are traveling for a good two weeks, if not more.

I think our work on the SBA is largely about focusing on what will make things easier and more efficient for students so they can concentrate on looking for a job and attending classes.

Goals as SBA president: I want to work with Career Services to make OGIs easier for the students and for them. [This could mean] adding more information to the OGI materials.

I'd also like to get more student surveys done — quick surveys that won't take much time to complete. I'd like to have a general survey about what students want to see accomplished in the coming year, but also a more specific post-OGI survey so we can keep making improvements.

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