Behind the Scenes at the Libel Show

Students dance in the libel show.

Photos by Andrew Shurtleff

March 24, 2015

They danced, they sang, they skewered: The 107th Libel Show sends up law school culture and involves a student cast and crew of more than 100. We offer a behind-the-scenes photo slideshow of the dress rehearsal action. The show, “The Spy Who Libeled Me,” runs March 26-28.

The musical sketch comedy is the oldest student organization at UVA Law and the oldest theater production at UVA.

  • Students dance outside Caplin Auditorium.

    Students warm up for the stage outside Caplin Auditorium during dress rehearsal Monday.

  • A student uses her laptop backstage.

    The students, many of whom bring considerable theatrical and musical experience to bear, have been practicing four hours a night, four days a week since early January. That means homework happens during waits backstage.

  • A student band warms up in Caplin Auditorium.

    Two students in the band have master's degrees in music, and one student scored the music specifically for the band's unique instrumentation.

  • Justin Thekkekara plays saxophone.

    Second-year law student Justin Thekkekara plays saxophone in the Libel Show band.

  • Students sing in a hallway.

    Group vocal exercises help warm up the cast.

  • Adam Stempel wearing a wig.

    First-year law student Adam Stempel hams it up backstage.

  • Students gather in a hallway.

    The halls behind Caplin Auditorium fill up with students practicing dance numbers and waiting to go onstage.

  • Props on a table.

    Props are carefully labeled and laid out on a table.

  • Students laughing backstage.
  • Students in kilts sing and dance on stage.
  • Students get hair and makeup done backstage.

    The Law School's Green Room becomes a makeup and hairstyling staging ground.

  • A student on her laptop next to a pile of wigs.

    Who knew how many wigs are needed to play professors?

  • A student reads the set list.
  • Allie Smith hurries down a hall.

    Co-director and third-year law student Allie Smith is busy with last-minute preparations.

  • Two students stand in costume.
  • A student has makeup applied.
  • Chris Knight poses backstage.

    Third-year law student Chris Knight gets in the Libel Show spirit.

  • Teddy Toyozaki poses in costume.

    It wouldn't be a James Bond spoof without Odd Job, played by second-year law student Teddy Toyozaki.

  • Students pose onstage.
  • Students pose onstage.

    The devil makes his umpteenth appearance in the Libel Show.

  • A student sits at a lighting controller.

    The show uses special lighting equipment, and this year's production also required building an extended stage.

  • A student sits on stage.
  • Students pose onstage.
  • Allie Smith and Nate Bilhartz pose onstage.

    Co-director Allie Smith is also starring in the production, with 007 played by third-year law student Nate Bilhartz.

  • Students pose on stage.

    Two weeks after this production ends, planning for the next show begins. Congratulations to the 107th cast and crew — break a leg!

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