Unique Course Introduces UVA Law Students Firsthand to Israeli Business Law and Innovation

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Professor Dotan Oliar, UVA Law students and Professor Michal Barzuza made a visit to the Supreme Court of Israel in Jerusalem as part of the J-Term course Israeli Business Law and Innovation.

January 23, 2015

A new University of Virginia School of Law course set in Israel offered students a unique way to study the nation's business laws and entrepreneurial practices last week.

UVA Law professors Michal Barzuza, a corporate law expert, and Dotan Oliar, an intellectual property expert, led the six-day, two-credit January Term class, Israeli Business Law and Innovation. The professors, who grew up in Israel and earned their first law degrees there, introduced 14 UVA Law students to Israel's business environment through a series of lectures from experts held at a Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law classroom and via off-campus meetings at law firms, government offices and at the Supreme Court of Israel in Jerusalem.

Israel has originated more companies on the New York Stock Exchange than any other nation besides the United States and China, the professors said, and is often considered a "startup nation" that has persevered economically despite such challenges as the recurrence of war and a lack of natural resources.

"The course gives students an overall view of the various ways in which the Israeli legal system promotes innovation and entrepreneurship," Oliar said. "Hopefully, this experience would not only be valuable to students interested in international practice, but also provide a perspective on the ways in which the law performs similar functions in the U.S."


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