The 109th Libel Show debuts tonight at the University of Virginia School of Law with the 1980s-themed "Libel's Day Off."

The annual staged send-up of Law School life, which features musical numbers and skits, runs through Saturday in Caplin Auditorium. Each performance starts at 7 p.m.

Director Jasmine Esmailbegui, a third-year law student, said the classic 1980s film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" serves as a jumping-off point.

"We thought the theme would be very relatable to people," Esmailbegui said. "Everyone knows the movie and knows the jokes."

But the greater influence on the show, as always, is UVA culture. The "junta" of students most heavily involved in the show plan and write the production in the fall, then hold auditions early in the spring semester. Their take-no-prisoners approach lovingly satires law school stereotypes, student politics and the faculty.

Not to be outdone, the faculty always have a few songs up their sleeves in response. Their rebuttal will be presented tonight.

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