Five University of Virginia School of Law professors presented papers at the American Law and Economics Association annual meeting earlier this month.

During the conference, held at Yale Law School on May 12-13, the following professors presented their work:

  • Albert Choi presented "Appraising the 'Merger Price' Appraisal Rule," co-authored with Eric Talley, and "Taking a Financial Position in Your Opponent in Litigation," co-authored with Kathryn E. Spier. Choi is also an editor of the American Law and Economics Review journal.
  • Quinn Curtis and Andrew Hayashi presented "Tax Avoidance and Mergers: Evidence from Banks during the Financial Crisis."
  • Rich Hynes presented "Who Benefits from Credit Report Bans?," co-authored with Leora Friedberg and Nathaniel Pattison.
  • Dotan Oliar presented "Right on Time: First Possession in Intellectual Property Law," co-authored with James Y. Stern.

Also in attendance were professors Michal Barzuza, who is a member of the ALEA Board of Directors, and Michael Livermore, who is an area organizer for the conference.

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