Natalie Blazer ’08, the assistant dean for admissions at the University of Virginia School of Law, has heard it all from prospective students, including a question about whether an applicant could pay full tuition upfront—without the admissions committee ever reviewing their application. (Answer: No.)

That said, it’s the same questions that keep Blazer’s inbox full and her staff answering the phones every day. What is the admissions committee looking for? At what point should an applicant consider retaking the LSAT? How competitive is it to get into a clinic?

To better educate prospective students, Blazer created the “Admissible” podcast, which launched Friday with a show focused on the LSAT and other standardized tests. Every two weeks, Blazer will dive into different topics of interest to law school applicants through informal interviews, with each episode clocking in at 30 minutes or less. Upcoming episodes include a behind-the-scenes look at operations in the Admissions Office, financial aid and scholarships, the ins and outs of clinics, student life and more.

“Admissible” will allow Blazer to address two key elements of the admissions process: offering up application advice and introducing prospective students to current students, faculty, fellow deans and alumni.

“I had the idea, ‘Why not combine these two things?’” Blazer says in the “Admissible” trailer. “Bring in these wonderful members of the UVA Law community — who our applicants want to meet anyway — to help me answer your most commonly asked questions.”

During these discussions, listeners will get in-depth answers from experts on the topic. Every episode will feature at least one guest, like a student or faculty member, to provide additional insight.

“Last cycle, I noticed that the thirst for information from our applicants was almost impossible to quench,” Blazer said. “It seemed like no matter how many places we had it on our website, or how many info sessions we had, or how many times we answered things by email or phone, people just wanted more and more and more information.”

Though the show will help prospective students learn more about crafting a good application, it will also help them understand what law school is like.

“My goal for this podcast is for listeners to get an inside look into what law school admissions committees are really looking for, but also a better idea of what it’s like to be a student at a top law school,” Blazer said.

She also stressed that “Admissible” is meant to be more entertaining than a run-of-the-mill information session.

“Applying to law school is stressful enough,” she said. “Hopefully, this podcast will make the process a little more fun.”

The show is available on Apple PodcastsSpotifyPandora and wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

“Admissible” is produced in partnership with WTJU 91.1 FM, UVA’s student and community radio station, and its podcast network, the Virginia Audio Collective. “Common Law,” a podcast featuring Dean Risa Goluboff and other UVA Law faculty, is also a member of the collective.

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