Alumni Q&A Archive

10.13.16 Jonathan Gardner '96 Practices Law in Show Business

6.9.16 From Xbox to Pandora, John Donaldson '95 Thrives in an Outside-the-Box Legal Career

10.2.15 Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Boutros '01, 'Silk Road' Prosecutor, Reflects on Career Path

9.16.15 Head of the Class: 2015 Graduate With Top GPA Talks Clerkships, Tips for Law School Success

8.13.15 Former Puerto Rico Gov. Luis Fortuño '85 Will Welcome UVA Law's Class of 2018

8.3.15 Katharine Gilman '12 Turns Law Degree into Springboard for Low-Carbon Footprint Floral Business in New York City

6.8.15 Grace Fu '09 on Working as In-House Counsel at Tiger Management

5.22.15 Law Firm Associate Matthew M. Madden '07 Argues and Wins Case at Supreme Court, 9-0

4.21.15 B. Matthew Hornor ’99 Leads Mineral Exploration Company Around the World

3.13.15 Called to Serve: Katharine von Ter Stegge '02 Plays Role in Case Making Same-Sex Marriage Constitutional in Oregon

8.14.14 What's It Like to Lead a Global Law Firm? Meet Orientation Speaker Warren Gorrell '79

2.5.14 Malia Arrington ’02 Tracks Ethics Complaints, Curtails Abuse for U.S. Olympic Committee

12.18.13 Called to Serve: Claire Blumenson '11 on Advocating for Education Rights of Youth in Nation's Capital

11.18.13 Called to Serve: Peggy Nicholson '11 on Helping Low-Income Children in North Carolina

10.23.13 Called to Serve: Adam Gordon '08 on Prosecuting Criminals in San Diego

7.3.13 Carmen Tiburcio LL.M. '87 S.J.D. '98 on Private International Law and Being Chosen to Lecture at The Hague

6.20.13 Ingrid Zeisler '01 on Working at a Global Investment Management Firm

4.3.13 Patrick Gardner '86 on Advocating for Improved Mental Health Services for Young People

3.25.13 Janet Nolan '89 on Weeding Out Fraud and Abuse in Federal Health Care Programs

2.26.13 Richard Gross '93 Provides Legal Advice to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

1.31.13 Savoie '07 Researches Regulation of Radiology, Works to Improve Health Care in Rural Guatemala

9.10.12 Shaunik Panse '09 to Clerk for South African Constitutional Court

8.28.12 Justice Department Lawyer Andy Mao '98 on Prosecuting Health Fraud, Major Pharmaceutical Company Settlement

8.16.12 Orientation Speaker Rebecca Vallas '09 Reflects on Career in Public Service

7.12.12 Plummer '94, Agent for Top Baseball Prospects From Dominican Republic, on How He Got in the Game

2.20.12 Unsal LL.M. '03 Leads Google's Legal Team in Turkey

12.28.11 Jeffrey Kerr '87 Fights on Behalf of Animal Rights as PETA General Counsel

12.1.11 Mary Rouvelas '96 Uses Her J.D. to Take on 'The Big C'

10.13.11 Alexander Patterson '07 on His Transition from Tax Law to Tough Mudder

9.26.11 Exclusive Resorts CEO/Co-Founder Brad Handler '95 on Luck, eBay and How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

9.6.11 Powell Fellow Crystal Shin '10 on Being a Child Advocate

8.22.11 Josh Wheeler '92 Discusses New Role as Director of First Amendment Center

8.18.11 Orientation Speaker Deborah Platt Majoras '89, Chief Legal Officer of Procter & Gamble

8.9.11 U.S. Magistrate Judge David Keesler '87 on a Varied Career

7.28.11 Chad Farrell '07 on Frontier of International Law at World Court

7.18.11 Graves '06 Keeps Employers on Track, Stays Involved in Pro Bono

7.12.11 Shack Shackleford '74 on Being a "Classic" Country Lawyer

7.7.11 Jasmine Yoon ’06 Brings Financial Criminals to Justice

6.30.11 Thomas Byrne '84 on Pioneering in Biotechnology and Intellectual Property Law

6.22.11 Afi Johnson-Parris ’02 Makes Jump to Family Law Practice

6.15.11 Christopher Kavanaugh '06 Discusses Work as Federal Prosecutor