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Podcast guests
March 12, 2024
The practice of investing in funds and companies that pay attention to environmental, social and corporate governance issues could be at a turning point, say UVA Law professors Quinn Curtis and Paul G. Mahoney.
Casey Crowley and Elizabeth Putfark
February 9, 2024
Third-year law students Casey Crowley and Elizabeth Putfark join Dean Blazer ’08 to discuss the many ways law students take advantage of UVA’s location in scenic Charlottesville, Virginia. Putfark, who will join the Southern Environmental Law Center as an associate attorney this fall, shares how UVA Law’s environmental law clinic, curriculum, faculty, and student organizations nurtured her legal education and set her on the path to success.
Erik Bodenhofer and Cale Jaffe
September 18, 2023
Erik Bodenhofer ’01, general counsel of Reebok International, discusses environmental, social and governance — known as ESG — issues from an in-house perspective. Professor Cale Jaffe ’01 moderated. The event was sponsored by the John W. Glynn Jr. Law & Business Program and the Program in Law, Communities and the Environment (PLACE).
April 12, 2023
Students and Director of Clinical Programs Sarah Shalf ’01 describe UVA Law’s 24 clinics and the learning opportunities they offer.
Podcast guests
February 23, 2023
The federal process for reviewing proposed interstate natural gas pipelines was highly contentious several decades ago and is now more of a rubber stamp. UVA Law professor Alison Gocke looks at what changed.
Jason Johnston and ‘Climate Rationality’
October 11, 2021
UVA Law professor Jason Johnston discusses his new book “Climate Rationality: From Bias to Balance,” published by Cambridge University Press.
Sarak Krakoff and Gerald Torres
April 22, 2021
Professors Sarah Krakoff (University of Colorado) and Gerald Torres (Yale School of the Environment) discuss issues at the intersection of environmental governance and the rights and interests of Native American peoples. UVA Law professors Michael Livermore and Jon Cannon introduced and moderated the event.
Michael Livermore and "Reviving Rationality"
November 17, 2020
UVA Law professor Michael Livermore and co-author and New York University law professor Richard Revesz discuss their new book “Reviving Rationality: Saving Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Sake of the Environment and Our Health,” along with panelists Jonathan Adler, Amy Sinden and Jonathan Z. Cannon. The authors argue that the Donald Trump administration has destabilized the decades-long bipartisan consensus that federal agencies must base their decisions on evidence, expertise and analysis. The panel was sponsored by PLACE, UVA Law’s Program in Law, Communities and the Environment.
David Troutt and Thad Williamson
November 10, 2020
David Troutt of Rutgers Law School and Thad Williamson of the University of Richmond discuss pathways to racial and economic equity, with a focus on the effects of local and regional housing, employment and anti-poverty policies. UVA Law professor Richard Schragger moderated the event, hosted by PLACE: The Program in Law, Communities and the Environment. The event was the third in the program’s “PLACE and Power” series of virtual conversations exploring connections between human place-based relationships and the law and politics of environmental governance.
Mary Nichols and Ann Carlson
October 16, 2020
California Air Resources Board Chair Mary D. Nichols and UCLA School of Law professor Ann E. Carlson, one of the country’s leading scholars of climate change law and policy, discuss the relationship between cities, states and national environmental decisions-makers, with a focus on the important strides made to improve air quality in California over the past several decades. The talk was the second in the “PLACE and Power” series of virtual conversations exploring connections between human place-based relationships and the law and politics of environmental governance.
Earl Swift and Emily Prifogle
September 18, 2020
Legal historian Emily Prifogle of the University of Michigan Law School and journalist and author Earl Swift discuss the importance of rural places in shaping the laws, customs and attitudes of the people who live in them, as well as their role in the cultural and political future of the nation. The event was the first in the “PLACE and Power” series of virtual conversations exploring connections between human place-based relationships and the law and politics of environmental governance.
Richard Lazarus
May 19, 2020
Harvard Law School professor Richard Lazarus discusses how environmentalists made history with the U.S. Supreme Court case Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency.
Vernice Miller-Travis, Jeffrey A. Fagan and Marianne Engelman-Lado
January 30, 2020
A panel of activists and scholars discuss how neighborhood zoning policies, uneven environmental protection rules and “proactive” police enforcement can negatively affect health outcomes in minority communities. The panel featured Vernice Miller-Travis, executive vice president of Metropolitan Group; Marianne Engelman-Lado, a lecturer at Yale and a visiting professor at Vermont Law School; and Jeffrey A. Fagan, a Columbia Law School professor. David Toscano ’86, a former delegate and minority leader of the Virginia House of Delegates, served as moderator. This panel was part of the symposium “Healing Hate: A Public Health Perspective on Civil Rights in America,” hosted by the University of Virginia Schools of Law, Medicine and Nursing.
Avi Garbow
November 13, 2019
Avi Garbow ’92, environmental advocate at Patagonia and former general counsel at the Environmental Protection Agency, and UVA Law professor Jon Cannon discuss the role that the private sector can play in advocating for progressive reforms to address the impacts of climate change. Garbow served as the keynote speaker during the Virginia Environmental Law Journal’s 2019 symposium, “The Green New Deal: Examining Climate Change in the Business Context.”
Cale Jaffe
July 25, 2019
Students in UVA Law’s Environmental and Regulatory Law Clinic represent environmental nonprofits, citizens’ groups and other community organizations seeking to protect and restore the environment of Virginia and other parts of the country.
Sheldon Whitehouse
April 5, 2019
U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse '82 of Rhode Island came to the Law School to address the state of climate change politics in the U.S. Congress and the institutional forces obstructing progress being made on that front. This speech was the 2019 Lillian K. Stone Distinguished Lecture in Environmental Policy.
Matthew Fass
February 19, 2019
Matthew Fass ’93, president of Maritime Products International, talked about how small and midsize corporations are handling issues of corporate responsibility. His speech was the keynote address for a symposium on “The Corporate Dilemma: Balancing Social Responsibility and Profitability Across Borders,” hosted by the Virginia Journal of International Law and the J.B. Moore Society of International Law.
J. Peter Byrne
November 2, 2018
J. Peter Byrne ’79, faculty director of the Climate Resource Center at Georgetown University Law Center, provides an overview of the past and future prospects of the historic preservation movement. This speech was the keynote address at a Virginia Environmental Law Journal symposium focusing on historic preservation.
Michael Livermore, Caroline Cecot and Hannah Wiseman
October 19, 2017
A symposium panel of experts looks at what happens when the federal government deregulates environmental protections and states and organizations step in to fill the gap. UVA Law professor Michael Livermore, George Mason University law professor Caroline Cecot and Florida State University law professor Hannah Wiseman discuss the issues. The symposium was sponsored by the Virginia Environmental Law Journal.
Michael Livermore
March 17, 2017
UVA Law professor Michael Livermore tells admitted students about the Law School’s environmental law offerings. This talk was part of the 2017 Admitted Students Open House.
Jedediah Purdy
November 14, 2016
Duke Law professor Jedediah Purdy gives the 3rd Lillian Stone Distinguished Lecture in Environmental Policy: “Environmental Justice, Again.” He discusses the history of the American environmental movement, focusing on the broader movement’s relationship to environmental justice concepts. Dean Risa Goluboff introduces Purdy.
Volkswagen and the Future of Industry Compliance
October 28, 2016
Tim Heaphy ’91 (Hunton & Williams), Pete Anderson ’91 (Beveridge & Diamond) and Doug Parker (Earth & Water Group) bring their experiences in corporate compliance litigation to bear on the Volkswagen emissions scandal. Professor Jonathan Cannon moderates.
Katie Redford ’95
October 18, 2016
Katie Redford ’95, co-founder of EarthRights International, a non-governmental organization focusing on human rights and environmental justice, discusses current trends, threats and opportunities in human rights lawyering.
Professor Jonathan Cannon
October 6, 2016
Professor Jonathan Cannon discusses recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions related to environmental regulations, including important cases from the recent past and issues likely to come up in the future.
Michael Shapiro, deputy assistant administrator for water with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agenc
October 30, 2015
Michael Shapiro, deputy assistant administrator for water with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, delivers the keynote address for the Virginia Environmental Law Journal Symposium, "Water Rights in the Eastern United States." Shapiro's office is responsible for federal programs to restore and protect the nation's waterways and ensure safe drinking water.