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Risa Goluboff, Craig Konnoth and Karen Tani
May 21, 2024
Experts increasingly use the language of medicine and disability to address social issues like poverty and racial discrimination. Professors Craig Konnoth of UVA Law and Karen M. Tani of Penn Law discuss how we got here.
Roger L. Gregory
April 11, 2024
Judge Roger L. Gregory of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit gives a talk and participates in a Q&A to mark receiving the Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law. Dean Risa Goluboff served as moderator for the event.
Podcast guests
April 9, 2024
UVA Law professors Cynthia Nicoletti and Joy Milligan join host Risa Goluboff for a discussion on how divergent approaches to digging into the past can reveal some surprising truths about law and history.
A. E. Dick Howard
March 21, 2024
The Virginia Law Review hosts UVA Law professors A. E. Dick Howard '61 and Charles Barzun ’05 for a fireside chat detailing Howard's career.
Anne Coughlin
May 3, 2023
In 1920, the first three women were admitted to the University of Virginia School of Law: Rose May Davis, Catherine Lipop, and Elizabeth Tompkins. Professor Anne Coughlin explores the lived realities of these women, from the small, familiar anxieties about grades and tuition costs, to the bold steps they took to combat gendered notions of inferiority during the early 20th century.
Lauren Edwards
April 26, 2023
Although women were not admitted to UVA Law as students until 1920, their presence on Grounds helped shape the legal curriculum of the 19th century. Professor Laura Edwards discusses the Black and white women who lived and labored at UVA, and the ways in which they navigated the repressive limitations on their legal power.
Liz Varon
April 19, 2023
UVA history professor Liz Varon discusses how a Law School dean grew the school but engaged in Jim Crow politics after the Civil War.
Randi Flaherty
April 12, 2023
Professor John Barbee Minor led the Law School from 1845 to his death in 1895. Dr. Randi Flaherty discusses Minor's role in not only expanding the law curriculum and UVA Law's regional prominence, but also in promulgating a curriculum that justified slavery and white supremacy.
Justene Hill Edwards
April 5, 2023
Slavery was always a part of Thomas Jefferson's vision for the University of Virginia. Professor Justene Hill Edwards discusses the lived experience of slavery on Grounds as well as the intersections of slavery and legal pedagogy at UVA Law.
David Konig
March 29, 2023
At its founding in 1819, Thomas Jefferson wanted UVA Law to prepare leaders and lawyers to serve the new nation, but students desired more practical legal training. Professor David Konig joins us to describe the shifting landscape of early nineteenth-century legal education.
Anne Coughlin
March 17, 2023
Professor Anne Coughlin discusses the U.S. Supreme Court case Papachristou v. City of Jacksonville , involving vagrancy law, for a mock class with admitted students.
John Charles Thomas
January 26, 2023
John Charles Thomas ’75 (Col ’72), the first Black justice on the Supreme Court of Virginia, discusses the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and how his struggles reverberate today. Dean Risa Goluboff interviewed Thomas and presented the Gregory H. Swanson Award to Yewande Ford ’23. Professor Kim Forde-Mazrui introduced Thomas. The event was part of the University’s 2023 Community MLK Commemoration.
Panel guests
September 22, 2022
Professors Michael D. Green of Wake Forest University School of Law, John C.P. Goldberg of Harvard Law School and Catherine M. Sharkey of New York University School of Law discuss the book “Tort Law and the Construction of Change: Studies in the Inevitability of History,” by UVA Law professors Kenneth S. Abraham and G. Edward White.
Podcast guests
August 4, 2022
University of Virginia law professor Mitu Gulati looks at the tragic history of Haiti’s 19th-century “odious debt” to France after islanders won their freedom from slavery, and discusses whether Haiti could recoup what it lost.
Risa Goluboff, Greg Mitchell and John Monahan
July 7, 2022
UVA Law professor John Monahan discusses how predicting violence became a concern for courtrooms and mental health practices nationwide, and developed alongside his own career.
Anne Coughlin
June 29, 2022
UVA Law professor Anne Coughlin and UVA professor Bonnie Gordon discuss the legal principles, case history and cultural history behind the U.S. Supreme Court ruling Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.
Risa Goluboff and Stephen Breyer
April 12, 2022
Justice Stephen Breyer, the recipient of the 2022 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal in Law, looks back on his career at the U.S. Supreme Court as he prepares to retire this summer. UVA President Jim Ryan ’92 presents the medal and Dean Risa Goluboff, Breyer’s former clerk, serves as moderator. Thomas Jefferson Foundation President Leslie Greene Bowman also gives remarks.
UVA Law faculty
April 1, 2022
UVA Law professor Aditya Bamzai discusses In re Debs and the federal government’s use of injunctions with hosts John Harrison and Risa Goluboff.
Randall L. Kennedy
March 23, 2022
During the 2022 McCorkle Lecture, Professor Randall L. Kennedy of Harvard Law School discusses triumphs and defeats for racial justice during the civil rights era.
Risa Goluboff, John Harrison and Tara Leigh Grove
February 17, 2022
University of Alabama law professor Tara Leigh Grove, a member of the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States, joins hosts John Harrison and Risa Goluboff to discuss options for reform and why change is so difficult.
Daniel Ortiz, Timothy Lovelace and Lisa Lorish
September 30, 2021
UVA Law professor Daniel Ortiz, Duke Law School professor H. Timothy Lovelace Jr. ’06 and moderator Judge Lisa Lorish ’08 of the Virginia Court of Appeals examine how the 1971 Virginia Constitution addressed race and responded to the civil rights movement.
Angela Onwuachi-Willig
April 23, 2021
Black communities experience lasting “cultural trauma” from the lack of accountability for police and vigilante violence, explains Boston University School of Law Dean Angela Onwuachi-Willig.
Charles Eskridge III
April 7, 2021
Judge Charles Eskridge III of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas walks through the original documents that inspired the songs from the Broadway musical “Hamilton.” This event was hosted by the Federalist Society.
Melissa Murray
March 23, 2021
From interracial marriage to LGBTQ rights, when the Supreme Court decriminalizes private behavior, other forms of regulation step in, says New York University School of Law professor Melissa Murray.
Juliet Clark, A. E. Dick Howard and Saikrishna Prakash
January 22, 2021
UVA Law student Juliet Clark ’21, William & Mary law professor Rebecca Green and UVA Law professor Saikrishna Prakash analyze the history and future of the Virginia Constitution 50 years after its ratification. UVA Law professor A. E. Dick Howard ’61, who led the 1971 constitution revision effort, moderated the event. The event was part of the Baliles Legacy Series Presentation at the Virginia Bar Association’s annual meeting.