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The Role of Statutory Principles in Reconciling LGBTQ+ Rights and Religious Freedom
September 23, 2022

Litigator and former Utah Supreme Court Justice Christine Durham, Yale Law School professor William Eskridge Jr., Ria Tabacco Mar of the ACLU and Illinois College of Law professor Robin Fretwell Wilson discuss reconciling LGBTQ+ rights and religious freedom, focusing especially on possible legislative compromises. UVA Law professor Craig Konnoth moderated the event, which was sponsored by Karsh Center for Law and Democracy and UVA’s Religious Studies Department. Professor Micah Schwartzman ’05, a director of the Karsh Center, introduced the event.

Michael Gilbert and ‘Public Law and Economics’
Understanding ‘Public Law and Economics’
September 22, 2022

UVA Law Vice Dean Michael D. Gilbert discusses his new book, “Public Law and Economics,” co-authored with Robert D. Cooter of the University of California, Berkeley.

Panel guests
Tort Law and the Construction of Change
September 22, 2022

Professors Michael D. Green of Wake Forest University School of Law, John C.P. Goldberg of Harvard Law School and Catherine M. Sharkey of New York University School of Law discuss the book “Tort Law and the Construction of Change: Studies in the Inevitability of History,” by UVA Law professors Kenneth S. Abraham and G. Edward White.

Natalie Blazer
‘Admissible’ Episode 1: Standardized Testing — LSAT Strategy, Retakes and Addenda
September 16, 2022

UVA Law student Sebastian Van Bastelaer ’24, who took the LSAT (twice) and the GRE, discusses taking standardized tests and his strategy for explaining his testing history, as well as the overall application process.

A Look at ‘The Proof’
September 8, 2022

Duke University law professor Lisa Kern Griffin, UVA Law lecturer and U.S. Judge Jed S. Rakoff, and Professor Gregory Mitchell discuss Professor Frederick Schauer’s book, “The Proof: Uses of Evidence in Law, Politics, and Everything Else.” Professor Charles Barzun ’05 moderated, and Dean Risa Goluboff introduced the panelists.

Supreme Court Roundup, 2021 Term
September 6, 2022

UVA Law professors Douglas Laycock and Julia Mahoney, and Scott Keller, partner at Lehotsky Keller and former solicitor general of Texas, discuss the 2021 U.S. Supreme Court term. The event was sponsored by the Federalist Society at UVA Law.

Payvand Ahdout and Richard Re
Should I Consider Being a Law Professor?
September 5, 2022

UVA Law professors Payvand Ahdout and Richard Re discuss what being a law professor is like, different career paths, and the pros and cons of being a scholar.

Harold  Folley and Wyatt Rolla
Public Service in the Real World
August 30, 2022

Keynote speakers Wyatt Rolla ’13, a Legal Aid Justice Center attorney, and Harold Folley, a community organizer, discuss their career paths and their work in movement lawyering for the annual public service kickoff sponsored by the Mortimer Caplin Public Service Center, the Program in Law and Public Service, and the Public Interest Law Association. Dean Risa Goluboff introduces the event. 

Eric Broyles
Orientation Address by Eric Broyles ’95
August 22, 2022

Eric Broyles ’95, the founder and CEO of Nanocan, welcomes the Class of 2025 to UVA Law at orientation. He advised students to “keep doing the things you did that got you here” and be open to friendships with people who are different from you. Dean Risa Goluboff introduces Broyles. 

Risa Goluboff
Dean Risa Goluboff Welcomes the Class of 2025
August 22, 2022

Dean Risa Goluboff welcomes new J.D., LL.M. and S.J.D. students to UVA Law at orientation.

Natalie Blazer
Admissions Chief Natalie Blazer ’08 Welcomes Class of 2025
August 22, 2022

Assistant Dean for Admissions Natalie Blazer ’08 welcomes the Class of 2025 to their legal studies during orientation.

Micah Schwartzman
The Legacies of Charlottesville: A Fifth-Anniversary Conversation About Law and Democracy in America
August 11, 2022

UVA Law professor Micah Schwartzman ’05 and Slate editor Dahlia Lithwick discuss the legacies of the events of Aug. 11-12, 2017, in the national landscape of American law and politics. UVA Jewish studies professor James Loffler moderated. The event was sponsored by the UVA Jewish Studies Program and Karsh Center for Law and Democracy.

Podcast guests
‘Common Law’ S4 E14: A Bloody Revolution and an Odious Debt
August 4, 2022

University of Virginia law professor Mitu Gulati looks at the tragic history of Haiti’s 19th-century “odious debt” to France after islanders won their freedom from slavery, and discusses whether Haiti could recoup what it lost.

Podcast guests
‘Common Law’ S4 E13: Fighting Racial Discrimination in Our Digital Lives
July 21, 2022

University of Pennsylvania law professor Anita Allen discusses her framework for stopping surveillance, fraud and exclusion targeting Black Americans online.

Risa Goluboff, Greg Mitchell and John Monahan
‘Common Law’ S4 E12: Predicting Violence
July 7, 2022

UVA Law professor John Monahan discusses how predicting violence became a concern for courtrooms and mental health practices nationwide, and developed alongside his own career.

Anne Coughlin
Demystifying Dobbs
June 29, 2022

UVA Law professor Anne Coughlin and UVA professor Bonnie Gordon discuss the legal principles, case history and cultural history behind the U.S. Supreme Court ruling Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Risa Goluboff, Danielle Citron, Neil Richards
‘Common Law’ S4 E11: Why Privacy Matters
June 23, 2022

Don’t care about information privacy because you have nothing to hide? Neil Richards, a law professor at the Washington University in St. Louis and a UVA Law alumnus, explains the extent to which companies mine data and seek to influence you, and why you should care.

Podcast guests
‘Common Law’ S4 E10: The President’s Power To Hire and Fire
June 9, 2022

George Mason University law professor Jennifer Mascott discusses past and present legal challenges to the president’s power to appoint and remove executive officers.

Risa Goluboff, Cathy Hwang and Doriane Nguenang
‘Common Law’ S4 E9: The Legal Battle Over Black Hair and Protective Hairstyles
May 26, 2022

UVA Law graduate Doriane Nguenang ’21 discusses her Virginia Law Review article on employment litigation and natural hair and protective hairstyles for Black workers.

Kim Keenan
UVA Law 2022 Commencement
May 22, 2022

Kim Keenan ’87, former general counsel for the NAACP, delivers the commencement address to the Class of 2022. Dean Risa Goluboff and Student Bar Association President Niko Orfanedes ’22 also speak at the May 22 ceremony.

Elaine Jones and Risa Goluboff
Dedication of the Portrait of Elaine R. Jones ’70
May 14, 2022

The Law School hosted a dedication ceremony for a portrait of Elaine R. Jones ’70, UVA Law’s first Black alumna and the first woman to serve as president and director-counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. Civil and human rights leader Wade Henderson, Judge Gwendolyn Jones Jackson ’72, Dean Risa Goluboff and Jones offered remarks. Rambert Tyree ’22, recipient of the 2022 Gregory H. Swanson Award, also participated.

The Student Experience at UVA Law
May 14, 2022

Faculty and administrators discuss student life at the Law School. The panelists are Vice Dean Michael Gilbert; Megan Durkee ’15, director of student affairs; Jennifer Hulvey, assistant dean for financial aid, education and planning; Mark C. Jefferson, assistant dean for diversity, equity and belonging; and Annie Kim ’99, assistant dean for public service and director of the Mortimer Caplin Public Service Center and the Program in Law and Public Service.

Risa Goluboff
The Dean’s State of the Law School, 2021-22
May 14, 2022

Dean Risa Goluboff shares the latest news about the Law School with alumni at reunion weekend.

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Kristen Eichensehr
Ukraine and Challenges for U.S. National Security
May 13, 2022

UVA Law professor Kristen Eichensehr discusses how the conflict in Ukraine highlights broader challenges for U.S. national security and foreign relations, including sanctions policy and cybersecurity. Eichensehr spoke at the Alumni Board and Council luncheon.

‘Common Law’ S4 E8: The Psychology of Eyewitness Memory
May 12, 2022

Psychologist Elizabeth F. Loftus, a leading expert on memory, discusses how her research transformed the justice system. Dean Risa Goluboff and Professor Greg Mitchell host the episode.