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The Intersectional Struggle for Equality: Lessons From the Past
January 29, 2021

Scholars and UVA Law students discuss the history of race and sex/LGBT equality movements during the symposium “From the Equal Rights Amendment to Black Lives Matter: Reflecting on Intersectional Struggles for Equality.” The panelists are Serena Mayeri of the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, UVA Law students Trust Kupupika ’22 and Hayley Hahn ’21, and Julie Suk of the City University of New York. UVA Law professor Naomi Cahn and Paula Monopoli ’83 of the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law served as moderators. The event was part of the University’s 2021 Community MLK Commemoration.

Today’s Intersectional Struggle for Equality
January 29, 2021

Law scholars discuss community activism and pursuing social justice in today’s intersectional movements for equality during the MLK Day symposium “From the Equal Rights Amendment to Black Lives Matter: Reflecting on Intersectional Struggles for Equality.” The panelists are Adrienne Davis of the Washington University in St. Louis School of Law, Melissa Murray of New York University School of Law, UVA Law student Rachel Slepoi ’22 and Camille Gear Rich of the University of Southern California Gould School of Law. UVA Law professor Anne M. Coughlin moderated the panel.

Randall Kennedy
‘Common Law’ S3 E1: What Happened to the ‘Promised Land’?
January 26, 2021

Harvard Law School professor Randall Kennedy discusses past and present visions for a “promised land” on race, and what law can do to shape it.

Juliet Clark, A. E. Dick Howard and Saikrishna Prakash
The Constitution of Virginia at 50: Looking Back and Looking Ahead
January 22, 2021

UVA Law student Juliet Clark ’21, William & Mary law professor Rebecca Green and UVA Law professor Saikrishna Prakash analyze the history and future of the Virginia Constitution 50 years after its ratification. UVA Law professor A. E. Dick Howard ’61, who led the 1971 constitution revision effort, moderated the event. The event was part of the Baliles Legacy Series Presentation at the Virginia Bar Association’s annual meeting.

Risa Goluboff and Leslie Kendrick
‘Common Law’ Season 3 Preview: Law and Equity
January 21, 2021

What role can law play in making society more equitable? "Common Law" hosts Risa Goluboff and Leslie Kendrick will explore how inequities touch our lives, sometimes in unexpected ways. Tune in Jan. 26 for the first episode.

Can the President Pardon Himself?
January 15, 2021

As President Donald Trump prepares to leave office, can he give himself a presidential pardon? An expert panel focuses on the constitutional basis of the pardon power, its history and limits, the relationship between pardoning and impeachment, and the legal and political implications of an attempt by the president to self-pardon. The panelists are UVA Law professor John C. Harrison; Michigan State University law professor Brian Kalt; Stanford University professor Bernadette Meyler; and UVA Law professor Micah Schwartzman, director of the Karsh Center for Law and Democracy.

Dean Risa Goluboff
A Thanksgiving Message From Dean Risa Goluboff
November 22, 2020

Dean Risa Goluboff shares a message with the UVA Law community as the school’s fall 2020 semester concludes.

Michael Livermore and "Reviving Rationality"
Exploring ‘Reviving Rationality’
November 17, 2020

UVA Law professor Michael Livermore and co-author and New York University law professor Richard Revesz discuss their new book “Reviving Rationality: Saving Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Sake of the Environment and Our Health,” along with panelists Jonathan Adler, Amy Sinden and Jonathan Z. Cannon. The authors argue that the Donald Trump administration has destabilized the decades-long bipartisan consensus that federal agencies must base their decisions on evidence, expertise and analysis. The panel was sponsored by PLACE, UVA Law’s Program in Law, Communities and the Environment.

David Troutt and Thad Williamson
PLACE and Power: Pathways to Racial and Economic Equity
November 10, 2020

David Troutt of Rutgers Law School and Thad Williamson of the University of Richmond discuss pathways to racial and economic equity, with a focus on the effects of local and regional housing, employment and anti-poverty policies. UVA Law professor Richard Schragger moderated the event, hosted by PLACE: The Program in Law, Communities and the Environment. The event was the third in the program’s “PLACE and Power” series of virtual conversations exploring connections between human place-based relationships and the law and politics of environmental governance.

Panel participants
Fundamental Questions for Our Democracy Regarding a Federal Right to Education
November 9, 2020

Two panels of scholars discuss issues raised by UVA Law professor Kimberly Jenkins Robinson’s edited book, “A Federal Right to Education: Fundamental Questions for Our Democracy.” Led by the moderators, UVA President James E. Ryan ’92 and Harvard Law’s Martha Minow, the panels feature Kristine L. Bowman, Peggy Cooper Davis, Jason P. Nance, Eloise Pasachoff, Derek W. Black, Carmel Martin, Rachel F. Moran, Robinson and Joshua Weishart.

Lillian BeVier and Leslie Kendrick
Fireside Chat With Professor Lillian BeVier and Vice Dean Leslie Kendrick
October 26, 2020

UVA Law Vice Dean Leslie Kendrick ’06 interviews Professor Emerita Lillian R. BeVier, the first tenured female faculty member at UVA Law, about her trailblazing career. This event was co-hosted by the school’s Federalist Society chapter and Virginia Law Women.

Mary Nichols and Ann Carlson
PLACE and Power: Improving Air Quality
October 16, 2020

California Air Resources Board Chair Mary D. Nichols and UCLA School of Law professor Ann E. Carlson, one of the country’s leading scholars of climate change law and policy, discuss the relationship between cities, states and national environmental decisions-makers, with a focus on the important strides made to improve air quality in California over the past several decades. The talk was the second in the “PLACE and Power” series of virtual conversations exploring connections between human place-based relationships and the law and politics of environmental governance.

Jennifer McClellan
A Conversation With Virginia Sen. Jennifer McClellan ’97 on Race, Equity and Policymaking
October 14, 2020

Virginia Sen. Jennifer McClellan ’97 discusses the challenges of making policies to address racial inequities.

Richard Schragger and Cathy Hwang
The Steps To Becoming a Law Professor
October 13, 2020

UVA Law professors Cathy Hwang and Richard Schragger discuss the academic career path and how to become a law professor.

Chris Yarrell
The Program in Law and Public Service at UVA Law
October 8, 2020

Assistant Dean for Public Service Annie Kim ’99 and UVA Law students Eliza Schultz ’21, Chris Yarrell ’22 and Nooreen Reza ’21 discuss features of the Program in Law and Public Service. This video was filmed under socially distanced conditions in August 2020.

Ashley Deeks, Charles Flint and Sarah Harris
Exploring the National Security Threats of TikTok
September 29, 2020

UVA Law professor Ashley Deeks; Charles Flint, chief of staff to U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn; and Sarah M. Harris of the law firm Williams & Connolly discuss whether Chinese-owned tech companies like TikTok pose a threat to national security and how the government should respond. The event was sponsored by the Federalist Society chapter at UVA Law.

Lois Shepherd, Margaret Foster Riley and Micah Schwartzman
Mandatory Vaccinations: Law, Ethics and Religious Liberties
September 23, 2020

UVA Law professors Margaret Foster Riley, Lois Shepherd and Micah Schwartzman ’05 discuss mandatory vaccination policies at a Health Law Association event.

Earl Swift and Emily Prifogle
PLACE and Power: How Rural Places Shape the Environment
September 18, 2020

Legal historian Emily Prifogle of the University of Michigan Law School and journalist and author Earl Swift discuss the importance of rural places in shaping the laws, customs and attitudes of the people who live in them, as well as their role in the cultural and political future of the nation.

Risa Goluboff outside UVA Law
Health and Safety at UVA Law
August 17, 2020

Dean Risa Goluboff discusses changes in operations at UVA Law for the fall 2020 semester, and shows how the school has modified the facility to safeguard the health of the community.

Jennifer McClellan
Orientation Address by Sen. Jennifer McClellan ’97
August 17, 2020

Virginia Sen. Jennifer McClellan ’97 welcomes the Class of 2023 and other new students to UVA Law via Zoom.

Jasmine Lee
Take a Virtual Tour of UVA Law
August 6, 2020

Jasmine Lee ’20 leads a tour of the University of Virginia School of Law. This tour was taped with social distancing during the summer of 2020, and is supplemented with footage from before the pandemic.

Richard Lazarus
‘Common Law’ S2 E11: ‘Carbon Dioxide Warriors’ at the Supreme Court
May 19, 2020

Harvard Law School professor Richard Lazarus discusses how environmentalists made history with the U.S. Supreme Court case Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency.

Saikrishna Prakash
‘Common Law’ S2 E10: The President’s Expanding Powers
April 30, 2020

University of Virginia School of Law professor Saikrishna Prakash discusses his new book on how the presidency’s authority has grown and how Congress might check the executive.

Christian McMillen
‘Common Law’ S2 E9: Learning From Pandemics of the Past
April 17, 2020

As the world battles the novel coronavirus, University of Virginia history professor Christian McMillen discusses what lessons we can learn — and improve upon — from past pandemics.

Pierre-Hugues Verdier
Pierre Verdier Discusses His Book, ‘Global Banks on Trial’
April 1, 2020

UVA Law professor Pierre Verdier discusses his forthcoming book "Global Banks on Trial: U.S. Prosecutions and the Remaking of International Finance." He argues that the effectiveness of prosecutions of international banks should not be judged solely based on financial penalties and convictions of high-level executives. According to Verdier, effective prosecutions of these banks can also force compliance with American law and sanctions in furtherance of U.S. foreign policy.