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Kimberly Robinson
‘Common Law’ S2 E4: When School Financing Hit the Courts
November 12, 2019

The Supreme Court said the Constitution didn’t guarantee a right to education in the 1973 case San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez, but litigation aiming for equity continues, as UVA Law professor Kimberly Robinson explains.

George Rutherglen
The Continuing Relevance of Admiralty Law
November 12, 2019

UVA Law professor George Rutherglen discusses the continuing relevance of admiralty law in current controversies in international law.

G. Edward White speaks at Board and Council luncheon
Reflections on Academic Publishing
November 8, 2019

UVA Law professor G. Edward White, author of the three-part “Law in American History” series, discusses the changes he’s seen over his 50-year career publishing books in legal history, and the impact of how citations are counted. White served as the lunch speaker during an Alumni Board and Council luncheon.

Ashley Deeks and John Harrison
Impeachment and National Security
November 7, 2019

Professors Ashley Deeks and John Harrison discuss impeachment and national security. Their discussion centered around the implications for those powers for the presidency, especially with respect to matters of national security. Professor Micah Schwartzman ’05 introduces the discussion. This event is the third of a planned three-part series on impeachment hosted by the Karsh Center for Law and Democracy.

Kimberly Robinson and Richard Schragger
So You Want To Be a Law Professor?
November 5, 2019

UVA Law professors and members of the Academic Placement Committee Kimberly J. Robinson and Richard C. Schragger discuss careers in teaching law and answer questions about the path to becoming a law professor.

Deborah Hellman and Michael Gilbert
Impeachment, Bribery and Corruption
October 31, 2019

Professors Deborah Hellman and Michael Gilbert discuss how agreed-upon meanings of terms like “corruption” and “bribery” will have an impact on how impeachment proceedings could play out. Professor Micah Schwartzman ’05 introduces the discussion. This event is the second of a planned three-part series on impeachment hosted by the Karsh Center for Law and Democracy.

Cynthia Nicoletti
‘Common Law’ S2 E3: The Road Not Taken After the Civil War
October 29, 2019

A Union effort to redistribute land to former slaves during the Civil War unraveled because of the efforts of Southern lawyers, UVA Law professor Cynthia Nicoletti explains.

Megan Mers and Henry Dickman
2019 Lile Moot Court Finals
October 29, 2019

Third-year UVA Law students Henry Dickman and Megan Mers faced off against Abbey Thornhill and Katherine Whisenhunt in the final round of UVA Law’s 91th annual William Minor Lile Moot Court Competition. U.S. Appeals Court Judge Andrew S. Oldham of the Fifth Circuit and Chief Judge Jeffrey R. Howard of the First Circuit, and U.S. Judge Allison J. Nathan of the Southern District of New York decided the competition’s winners (Dickman and Mers).

George Geis
The Law & Business Program at UVA Law
October 28, 2019

The John W. Glynn, Jr. Law & Business Program builds a bridge between law school and the real challenges encountered in business law practice. The program integrates business and legal analysis into the law school classroom,  to prepare students to serve their future clients from day one.

Sanho Tree
The War on Drugs: Then and Now
October 24, 2019

Sanho Tree, the director of the Drug Policy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies, and Teresa García Castro, an associate with the Drug Policy Program at WOLA, spoke about the history of the war on drugs and the impact it has today on counternarcotics efforts and incarceration of women, respectively. This event was sponsored by UVA Law’s Human Rights Program.

Frederick Schauer and Saikrishna Prakash
What Is Impeachment?
October 21, 2019

Professors Frederick Schauer and Saikrishna Prakash discuss impeachment, including what the impeachment clauses and powers delegated to Congress are, what the implications of these powers are for the presidency and what offenses fall within the scope of impeachment. Professor Micah Schwartzman ’05 introduces the discussion. This event is the first of a planned three-part series on impeachment hosted by the Karsh Center for Law and Democracy.

David Leitch and George Geis
Experiences in Law and Business, With David Leitch ’85
October 21, 2019

David Leitch ’85, global general counsel at Bank of America, discusses his experiences working at the nexus of global commerce and law. He also talks about his past experiences as general counsel at the Ford Motor Co. and as a deputy counsel during the George W. Bush administration. UVA Law professor George Geis serves as moderator.

G. Edward White
‘Common Law’ S2 E2: Rethinking Rights After World War II
October 15, 2019

As World War II made clear, the United States needed to step up on civil liberties and civil rights to take on the Soviet Union, UVA Law professor G. Edward White explains.

Victoria Nourse, G. Edward White and Charles Barzun
Scholars Explore ‘Law in American History, Vol. III’
October 11, 2019

A panel of scholars discuss UVA Law professor G. Edward White’s final volume in his “Law in American History” series. The panel included professors Jack Landman Goldsmith, Harvard Law School; Laura Kalman, University of California, Santa Barbara; and Victoria Nourse, Georgetown University Law Center. UVA Law professor Charles Barzun served as moderator, and Dean Risa Goluboff introduced the panel.

Leslie Kendrick, Dayna Matthew, Saikrishna Prakash, Micah Schwartzman, Ashley Deeks and George Geis
Cutting-Edge Research From UVA Law Faculty
October 11, 2019

UVA Law professors Ashley S. Deeks, George S. Geis, Dayna Bowen Matthew ’87, Saikrishna Prakash and Micah J. Schwartzman ’05 provide an overview of their latest work. Vice Dean Leslie Kendrick ’06 moderates the panel. This event was part of a “Back to School Night” for returning UVA Law alumni during UVA’s Honor the Future capital campaign kickoff.

Kim Forde-Mazrui and George Rutherglen
Discrimination in the Workplace: Title VII, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
October 8, 2019

UVA Law professors Kim Forde-Mazrui and George Rutherglen discuss major developments in employment discrimination law, as the Supreme Court considers whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act protects employees from discrimination based on their sexual orientation. The event was sponsored by the Virginia Employment and Labor Law Association, and the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy.

Erin Seagears
Welcome to Charlottesville
October 4, 2019

UVA Law student Erin Seagears ’20 gives a tour of Charlottesville, home of the University of Virginia.

Brian Cannon, Richard Schragger and Leslie Kendrick
2019 Supreme Court Roundup
October 2, 2019

UVA Law professors A. E. Dick Howard, Richard Schragger and Vice Dean Leslie Kendrick, along with Brian Cannon, executive director at OneVirginia2021, discuss the last term’s most influential and important Supreme Court cases, and preview what’s ahead. The event was sponsored by the Student Legal Forum.

Sarah Milov
‘Common Law’ S2 E1: The Nonsmoker Revolution
October 1, 2019

After the U.S. surgeon general released a landmark report on the dangers of smoking, lawyers and activists helped curb a public health epidemic, UVA historian Sarah Milov explains.

Risa Goluboff and Leslie Kendrick
‘Common Law’ Season 2 Preview: When Law Changed the World
September 25, 2019

The second season of “Common Law” explores pivotal moments when law — and lawyers — changed the world. Hosts Risa Goluboff and Leslie Kendrick look back at turning points that shed light on the world today and how we got here. Tune in Oct. 1 for the first episode.

Chris Hockett
Antitrust in the Age of Technology
September 25, 2019

UVA Law lecturer Chris Hockett, a recently retired partner in Davis Polk’s Northern California office and global head of the firm’s antitrust practice, discusses antitrust investigations faced by big tech companies.

Victor Madrigal-Borloz
Protecting Human Rights Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
September 19, 2019

Victor Madrigal-Borloz discusses his work as U.N. independent expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. The talk marked the Human Rights Program kickoff for the year.

Molly Bishop Shadel
Five Tips for Law School Success, With Professor Molly Bishop Shadel
August 28, 2019

Professor Molly Bishop Shadel, author of "Finding Your Voice in Law School: Mastering Classroom Cold Calls, Job Interviews and Other Verbal Challenges,” shares her five tips for law school success.

Risa Goluboff
Dean Risa Goluboff Welcomes the Class of 2022
August 19, 2019

UVA Law Dean Risa Goluboff kicked off orientation for the Class of 2022 with words of advice for new students.

Cate Stetson
Cate Stetson ’94 Speaks at the 2019 Orientation
August 19, 2019

Cate Stetson ’94, co-director of Hogan Lovells’ Appellate Practice Group, welcomed members of the Class of 2022 to UVA Law during orientation. She advised law students to challenge themselves every day and to fully engage with their community.