50 Years After San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez

Nearly 50 years ago, the majority of the Supreme Court in Rodriguez rejected the claim that education is a fundamental right and held that Texas’ system of using local property taxes to fund its public schools did not violate the Equal Protection Clause. Today, the fight for equity in K-12 public education continues on numerous fronts — some decades-old and some unique to the present moment. With debates about public schooling increasingly becoming a microcosm of larger political and social issues, the symposium will contextualize these struggles and think creatively about ways to forge a more just and equitable system. The event will feature paper presentations, topical panel discussions, a book signing and more. St. Mary’s University law professor Albert Kauffman will deliver the keynote.

UVA Law School
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Civil Rights
Constitutional Law
Legal History
Public Policy
Race and Law
Virginia Law Review Online
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San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez
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New and Old Fights for Equity in Public Schools