G. Mitu Gulati

  • John V. Ray Research Professor of Law

Mitu Gulati’s work focuses on sovereign debt restructuring and contracts, and explores how to help countries in financial distress.

Gulati joined the UVA Law faculty in 2021. He was previously on the faculty of Duke Law School since 2004, and has also served on the faculties of UCLA Law School and the Georgetown University Law Center. Gulati co-hosts the podcast “Clauses and Controversies,” is a contributor to the blog Creditslips.org and serves as regional editor for the journal Capital Markets Law Journal.

Gulati has won no awards, prizes or other distinctions. That is, with the exception of a second place finish in the fancy dress competition in third grade in India.


  • J.D.
    Harvard Law School
  • M.A.
    Yale University
  • A.B.
    University of Chicago


“Navassa: Property, Sovereignty, and the Law of the Territories,” Yale L.J. (forthcoming).

“The Price of Cheeky Contracting” (with Paolo Colla), L & Contemp. Probs. (forthcoming).

“Investigating the Contract Production Process” (with Stephen J. Choi and Robert E. Scott), Cap. Markets L.J. (forthcoming).

Are M&A Lawyers Better at Contract Drafting?” (with Stephen Choi and Robert Scott), U. Toronto L.J. (forthcoming 2022).

Contracts of Inattention” (with Marcel Kahan), Law & Soc. Inquiry (forthcoming 2022).

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Unlawfully-Issued Sovereign Debt” (with Mark Weidemaier), Va. J. Int’l L. (forthcoming 2021).

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‘Lipstick on a Pig’: Specific Performance Clauses in Action” (with Theresa Arnold, Amanda Dixon, Hadar Tanne and Madison Sherrill), Wis. L. Rev. (forthcoming 2021).

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The Price of Law: The Case of the Eurozone's Collective Action Clauses” (with Elena Carletti, Paolo Colla and Steven Ongena), Rev. Fin. Stud. (forthcoming 2021).

The Cost of Guilty Breach” (with Theresa Arnold, Amanda Dixon, Hadar Tanne and Madison Sherrill), B.C. L. Rev. (E. Supp. forthcoming 2021).

Works in Progress:

“Contractual Time Bombs” (with Robert E. Scott and Stephen Choi)

“The Gap at the Top: Gender Disparities in Elite M&A Practice” (with Tracey George and Albert Yoon) (in draft stage)

“Haitian Independence Debt of 1825: A Missing Piece of Sovereign Debt History” (with Joseph Blocher, Kim Oosterlinck, and Mark Weidemaier) (in research stage)

“La Navasse: Does the US Owe Haiti?” (with Guy-Uriel Charles and Joseph Blocher) (in research stage) 

“Sovereign Buybacks” (with Ugo Panizza and Patrick Bolton) (in data collection stage)

“The Finance and Law of Sovereign Restructuring” (with Ugo Panizza and Patrick Bolton) (in draft stage)

“‘Violates the Sanctity of Contract’: The Greek Retrofit of 2012” (with Patrick Bolton, Xueven Fu, and Ugo Panizza) (in draft stage)

“The Impact of Bad Intentions on Contract Pricing” (with Paolo Colla) (in draft stage)


European Financial Infrastructure in the Face of New Challenges (European University Institute, 2019) (editor with others)

Institutions and the Crisis (European University Institute, 2018) (editor with others)

Institutions and the crisis (European University Institute, 2018) (editor with others)

The Changing Geography of Finance and Regulation in Europe (European University Institute, 2017) (editor with others)

Filling the Gaps in Governance: The Case of Europe (European University Institute, 2016) (editor with others)

Acting White?: Rethinking Race in Post-Racial America (Oxford University Press, 1st ed. 2013, 2nd ed. 2015) (with Devon W. Carbado)

The 3 1/2 Minute Transaction: Boilerplate and the Limits of Contract Design (University of Chicago Press, 2013) (with Robert E. Scott)

Articles & Essays:

“The Odious Haitian Independence Debt” (with Kim Oosterlinck, Ugo Panizza and Mark C. Weidemaier) (2021).

Avoiding a Lost Decade -- Sovereign Debt Workouts in the Post-COVID Era, 16 Cap. Markets L.J. 45 (2021) (with Lee C. Buchheit)

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Issues Edited:

Judicial Institutions and Behavior, 82 Law & Contemporary Problems (No. 2, 2019) (with others)

A Modern Legal History of Sovereign DebtLaw & Contemporary Problems (Fall 2010) (with Anna Gelpern)

Symposium: Odious Debts and State CorruptionLaw & Contemporary Problems (Summer 2007) (with David A. Skeel Jr.)

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