The Pro Bono Award

The Pro Bono Award

Established in 2000, The Pro Bono Award was created to recognize the student(s) from the graduating class who best demonstrate(s) an “extraordinary commitment” to pro bono service. Recipients are considered not only on the basis of their total number of hours of pro bono service performed while in law school but also on the substance and scope of their pro bono work. These individuals consistently perform well over the 75 hours required for the Pro Bono Challenge and typically volunteer for a variety of projects during their three years in law school. In honor of their achievement, the Pro Bono Award recipient is recognized during the graduation ceremony and receives an award from the Pro Bono Program commemorating their efforts.

2019 Pro Bono Award Recipient
Amy Fly ’19

Amy Fly

Amy Fly is the recipient of the 2019 Pro Bono Award. She logged more than 750 hours of pro bono service during her time in law school (over 10 times the amount encouraged for all students by the Pro Bono Challenge). Amy served defendants on death row through a series of pro bono projects including the Virginia Innocence Project, Office of Capital and Forensic Writs in Texas, Phillips Black (a nonprofit law firm representing individuals on death row), Virginia Capital Representation Resource Center, and the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia. Amy is currently working as a fellow with the the ACLU’s Capital Punishment Project in Durham, North Carolina. More

Previous Pro Bono Award Recipients

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  • Rebecca Dopkins Vallas ’09
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  • Ryan Tharen Almstead ’06
  • Heather Schroeder Eastwood ’05
  • Areshini Pather ’04
  • Angela Adair Ciolfi ’03
  • Maria Monique Mlynar ’02
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  • Jason Mark Zuckerman ’00 (inaugural recipient)