Publications by Rosa Ehrenreich Brooks

Articles & Reviews

Failed States, or the State as Failure?, 72 University of Chicago Law Review 1159–1196 (2005).
Protecting Rights in the Age of Terrorism: Challenges and Opportunities, 36 Georgia Journal of International Law 669–682 (2005).
Review of Tomuschat, Human Rights (reviewing Christian Tomuschat, Human Rights: Between Realism and Idealism) 99 American Journal of International Law 527–531 (2005).
The Politics of the Geneva Conventions: Avoiding Formalist Traps, 46 Virginia Journal of International Law 197–207 (2005).
Ticking Bombs & Catastrophes (reviewing Sanford Levinson, ed., Torture: A Collection) 8 The Green Bag Second Series 311–320 (2005).
Panel 1: Establishing the Rule of Law (with Daniel M. Bodansky, Scott N. Carlson & Mariam A. Nawabi), 33 Georgia Journal of International & Comparative Law 119–141 (2004).
Law in the Heart of Darkness: Atrocity & Duress, 43 Virginia Journal of International Law 861–888 (2003).
Review of Cohen, Regulating Intimacy (reviewing Jean-Louis Cohen, Regulating Intimacy: A New Legal Paradigm) 10 Constellations 571–574 (2003).
The New Imperialism: Violence, Norms, and the “Rule of Law”, 101 Michigan Law Review 2275–2340 (2003).
Feminism and International Law: An Opportunity for Transformation, 14 Yale Journal of Law & Feminism 345–361 (2002).

Op-Eds, Blogs, Shorter Works

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