Publications by Jennifer L. Mnookin


The New Wigmore: A Treatise on Evidence: Expert Evidence (with David E. Bernstein & David H. Kaye), Aspen (1 ed. 2004).

Book Chapters

Science and Law, in Oxford Companion to American Law, Oxford University Press, 714–718 (2002).
Virtual(ly) Law: The Emergence of Law in Lambdamoo, in Crypto Anarchy, Cyberstates, and Pirate Utopias, MIT Press, 245–301 (2001).

Articles & Reviews

The Legal Profession, Personal Responsibility, and the Internet, 117 Yale Law Journal Pocket Part 53 (2007).
Uncertain Bargains: The Rise of Plea Bargaining in America, 57 Stanford Law Review 1721–1743 (2005).
Science at the Bar (reviewing Tal Golan, Laws of Men and Laws of Nature: The History of Scientific Expert Testimony in England and America) 92 American Scientist 556–558 (2004).
Expert Information and Expert Evidence: A Preliminary Taxonomy (with Samuel R. Gross), 34 Seton Hall Law Review 141–189 (2003).
Expert Testimony on Fingerprints: An Internet Exchange (with Richard E. Friedman et al.), 43 Jurimetrics 91–98 (2002).
Fingerprint Evidence in an Age of DNA Profiling, 67 Brooklyn Law Review 13–70 (2001).
Theaters of Proof: Visual Evidence and the Law in Call Northside 777 (with Nancy West), 13 Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities 329–390 (2001).
Review of Agre & Rotenberg, eds., Technology and Privacy (reviewing Philip E. Agre & Marc Rotenberg, Technology and Privacy: The New Landscape) 41 Technology & Culture 828–830 (2000).

Op-Eds, Blogs, Shorter Works

The Achilles’ Heel of Fingerprints, Washington Post A27 (May 29, 2004).
Fingerprints: Not a Gold Standard, Issues in Science & Technology 47–53 (2003).