Barbara Spellman

Promoting an Open Research Culture

CO-AUTHORS George Alter, George Christopher Banks, Denny Borsboom, Sara Bowman, Steven J. Breckler, Stewart Buck, Christopher Chambers, Gilbert Chin, Garret S. Christensen, Monica Contestabile, Allan Dafoe, Eric Eich, Jeremy Freese, Rachel Glennerster, Daniel Goroff, Donald Green, Bradford Hesse, Macartan Humphreys, John Ishiyama, Dean Karlan, Alan Kraut, Arthur Lupia, Patricia Mabry, Temina Madon, Neil Malhotra, Evan Mayo-Wilson, Marcia McNutt, Edward Miguel, Brian A. Nosek, Elizabeth Paluck, Uri Simonsohn, Courtney Soderberg, James Turitto, Gary R. VandenBos, Simine Vazire, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Rick Wilson, and Tal Yarkoni

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Barbara A. Spellman


Transparency, openness, and reproducibility are readily recognized as vital features of science (1, 2). When asked, most scientists embrace these features as disciplinary norms and values (3). Therefore, one might expect that these valued features would be routine in daily practice. Yet, a growing body of evidence suggests that this is not the case (4–6).


George Alter et al., Promoting an Open Research Culture, 348 Science 1422-1425 (2015).

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