Statutory Interpretation aspires both to train students in the techniques of statutory interpretation and to help students think systematically about those techniques. It presents lightly edited judicial opinions in leading cases, followed by extensive notes and questions that encourage careful analysis of difficult concepts. It takes seriously both “textualist” and “intentionalist” (or “purposivist”) modes of statutory interpretation ; approaches that are common at all levels of the judiciary.

This book is designed for 3-, 4-, or 5-credit courses about the general discipline of statutory interpretation.

Table of Contents
Ch. 1. An introduction to the interplay between purpose and text
Ch. 2. Canons of construction
Ch. 3. Legislative history
Ch. 4. Interpreting statutes in light of past interpretations and other statutes
Ch. 5. Some special issues in the interpretation of Federal statutes
Ch. 6. Statutes over time
Ch. 7. A concluding problem
Caleb E. Nelson, Statutory Interpretation, Foundation Press (1 ed. 2011).
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