"Bringing together a distinguished international assembly of scholars and jurists--Jack P. Greene, Derrick Bell, Judith N. Shklar, Merrill D. Peterson, Laurence H. Tribe, and Lord Hailsham among then--this book reconsiders the U.S. Constitution and the interpretation of its powerful tenets."--BOOK JACKET. "The essays approach the nation's founding document from three broad perspectives--the Constitution's Old and New World origins, the rights it protects, and the behavior of citizens whose lives it rules. A number of essays identify theoretical underpinnings and parallels to the Constitution in sources as diverse as the Iroquois Confederacy, early state constitutions, documents arising out of European revolutions, and Scottish Enlightenment thought. Others examine rights, particularly the often competing claims of individuals, states, and minorities. Questions of rights also involve the environment and the ever-expanding boundaries of new technology. A final series of essays considers the definition, inculcation, and expression of citizenship--individual and corporate--as well as the role of the press."--BOOK JACKET.

A. E. Dick Howard, ed., The United States Constitution: Roots, Rights, and Responsibilities, Smithsonian Institution Press (1992).
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