The Florence School of Banking and Finance at the European University Institute’s Robert Schuman Centre of Advanced Studies and the Brevan Howard Centre at Imperial College London, in cooperation with BAFFI CAREFIN at Bocconi University, organised on 27 April 2017 a conference entitled 'The Changing Geography of Finance and Regulation in Europe'. The conference is a high-level debate convened yearly since 2011, gathering a limited group of leading economists, lawyers, political scientists and policy-makers to review selected contemporary challenges related to Europe’s economic and financial governance. This eBook summarizes the contributions of the speakers in the 2017 conference, which was conveyed with the aim to foster the discussion on how the regulatory framework should respond to the profound changes which are impacting the world’s financial architecture, including the advent of innovative technologies, collectively known as FinTech, the issues related to regulatory arbitrage and the impact of Brexit on the European landscape.

Franklin Allen et al., eds., The Changing Geography of Finance and Regulation in Europe, European University Institute (2017).