John Monahan

Predicting Violent Behavior: What Can Neuroscience Add?

CO-AUTHORS Joshua W. Buckholtz, David L. Faigman, Peter B. Imrey, Russell A. Poldrack, Marcus E. Raichle, and Valerie Reyna
Trends in Cognitive Sciences


The ability to accurately predict violence and other forms of serious antisocial behavior would provide important societal benefits, and there is substantial enthusiasm for the potential predictive accuracy of neuroimaging techniques. Here, we review the current status of violence prediction using actuarial and clinical methods, and assess the current state of neuroprediction. We then outline several questions that need to be addressed by future studies of neuroprediction if neuroimaging and other neuroscientific markers are to be successfully translated into public policy.


Joshua W. Buckholtz et al., Predicting Violent Behavior: What Can Neuroscience Add?, 22 Trends in Cognitive Sciences 111-123 (2018).

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