The policy-research project conducted by hub members Aaron Acosta and Camilo Sánchez aimed to shed light on the concerning phenomenon of high application rejection rates by Colombia’s Land Restitution Unit, where victims of land dispossession and forced abandonment can apply for restitution of their lands lost as a result of the armed conflict. This brief sets out some of the details and findings of their research and closes with a set of recommendations for key stakeholders involved in the implementation of the land restitution policy. The importance of the policy-research project was heightened in 2019 when the Colombian Constitutional Court decided to extend the mandate of the land restitution policy for 10 more years, until 2031. This welcome news has brought with it hope that the next 10 years of the land restitution policy will fare better than the first 10 years, which ended in June 2021.

Aaron Acosta & Nelson Camilo Sánchez León, Insurmountable Barriers?, The Gender Justice and Security Hub (2021).