This book is the only text devoted to the legal problems raised by foreign investment and business transactions in emerging markets. Its organization tracks the normal progress of a business relationship. The first chapter provides broad general background, while the second focuses on a foreign business's preliminary assessment of legal risks particularly relevant to emerging markets, namely corruption, sanctions compliance, and human rights abuses. It then takes the student through the establishment of a local presence, obtaining finance, the kinds of government licenses and other special legal regimes associated with extractive industries, and dispute resolution. A series of team-based negotiation exercises accompany each chapter. The new edition adds a new section on sanctions compliance, updates legal materials related to corruption, human rights and dispute resolution, and substantially revises the finance and government licensing chapter to reflect a shift away from Russia and toward other emerging markets.
Richard N. Dean, James W. Skelton & Paul B. Stephan, Doing Business in Emerging markets – A Transactional Course, Foundation Press (3 ed. 2022).