I want to give a warm welcome to the Mid-Atlantic People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference, also known as MAPOC, to the University of Virginia School of Law. MAPOC is an impressive organization, which provides law faculty, especially but not exclusively faculty of color, the opportunity to share ideas for scholarly projects, workshop works-in-progress, mentor junior faculty, and discuss critical and timely topics. Founded in 1994, MAPOC has met annually at a different law school for fifteen years, and we are very pleased that UVa is this year’s site. I am also proud to recognize the Center for the Study of Race and Law (the Center), the host of the conference. Under the leadership of Director Kim Forde-Mazrui and Assistant Director Tim Lovelace, the Center provides opportunities for students, scholars, practitioners and community members to examine and exchange ideas related to race and law through courses, public lectures, scholarly workshops, symposia, and conferences. The broad range of topics addressed by the Center has included civil and human rights, marriage and adoption, affirmative action, education, voting, law and economics, and Islamic law. Founded in 2003, the Center has had a very successful first few years serving the law school community, and has attracted national attention for its important work.
Paul G. Mahoney, Opening Remarks at the MAPOC Conference, 18 Virginia Journal of Social Policy & the Law 1–2 (2010).