Paul G. Mahoney

Larry Walker: An Intellectual Pioneer

Virginia Law Review


It is hard to picture Larry Walker in retirement. He looks not a day older than when I arrived in Charlottesville twenty-one years ago and remains an energetic and enthusiastic teacher, scholar, and participant in the intellectual life of the Law School. I think of Larry in much the way I do our colleague Glen Robin- son - regardless of his chronological age, he is always intellectually in his prime. Larry is a native of South Carolina who gradually worked his way north to Virginia. He graduated from Davidson College in 1959 and from Duke Law School in 1963. After law school, he served in the Army, practiced law in Atlanta, and served as counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee. He then received an SJ.D. degree from Harvard to prepare for an academic career, which he began at the University of North Carolina Law School.


Paul G. Mahoney, Larry Walker: An Intellectual Pioneer, 97 Virginia Law Review 1263-1266 (2011).

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