Paul G. Mahoney

A Tribute to Peter Low

Virginia Law Review


Peter Low's retirement marks the end of an era for the Law School. Peter served on the faculty for fifty years, returning to teach a year after his graduation in 1963. It is hard to imagine the Law School without him, a state of affairs of which no one in the building has any direct experience. While it is not the most important thing about him, Peter has a golden resume. He is a graduate of Woodberry Forest, Princeton, and the Law School; former law clerk to Chief Justice Earl Warren; author of influential casebooks in criminal law, federal courts, federal criminal law, and civil rights litigation; and at various times reporter for the ABA Advisory Committee on Sentencing and Review, consultant for the Brown Commission on Reform of Federal Criminal Law, reporter for the ALI's Model Penal Code and Commentaries, consultant to the FBI National Academy, and Provost of the University of Virginia.


Paul G. Mahoney, A Tribute to Peter Low, 100 Virginia Law Review 1111-1114 (October, 2014).

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