The Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Administration Conference on Prevention was held September 12-14, 1979 in Silver Spring, Maryland. The purpose of the Conference was to provide an opportunity for State and local input into the agency’s development of prevention policies. The Division of Prevention was assisted by a sixteen-member Planning Committee in the selection of the conference topics, conference format and conference contributors and participants. To ensure broad representation at the Conference, participants included individuals from academia, research, and State and local programs. The Conference focused on three major topics. Following each discussion (plenary session) participants met in small workshops to further discuss issues raised and exchange views. One person in each workshop served as a group discussion leader and one served as a recorder. This latter individual recorded pertinent comments and recommendations and submitted them to a group synthesizer, who in turn produced a summary encompassing the viewpoints and recommendations for all of the workshops on a given topic. Each of the major session sections includes an overall session summary, the report of the small group discussions and the abstract(s) of the issue paper(s) prepared for the Conference. These proceedings represent a comprehensive summary of the 2 & 1/2 day Conference. They include: a summary of the opening session, three plenary sessions, two general sessions, a summary of the closing session, a list of conference contributors and a list of participants.

Richard J. Bonnie, ADAMHA Conference on Prevention-- Looking to the Eighties : Proceedings, US Government Printing Office (1979).