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Faculty Scholarship

Jay Butler, The Corporate Keepers of International Law, 114 American Journal of International Law 189-220 (2020). view
Kristen Eichensehr, The Law & Politics of Cyberattack Attribution, 67 UCLA Law Review 520-598 (2020). view
Paul B. Stephan, Foreign Relations and the City, in Cities, Geopolitics, and the International Legal Order - Report and Thought Pieces, Perry World House University of Pennsylvania (2020). view
Kenneth S. Abraham & G. Edward White, First Amendment Imperialism and the Constitutionalization of Tort Liability, 98 Texas Law Review 813-861 (2020). view
John C. Harrison, Section 706 of the Administrative Procedure Act Does Not Call for Universal Injunctions or Other Universal Remedies, 37 Yale Journal on Regulation Bulletin 37-47 (2020). view
Brandon L. Garrett et al., Risk Assessment in Sentencing and Plea Bargaining: The Roles of Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys, Behavioral Sciences & the Law 1-11 (2020). view
Christina Babbitt et al., The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and the Common Law of Groundwater Rights – Finding a Consistent Path Forward for Groundwater Allocation, 38 UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy 163-215 (2020). view
George K. Yin, Repairing the Tax Privacy Rules (2020). view
Cathy Hwang, Value Creation by Transactional Associates, 88 Fordham Law Review 1649-1663 (2020). view
Ashley S. Deeks, High-Tech International Law, 88 George Washington Law Review 574-653 (2020). view
Kenneth S. Abraham, “Incomplete” Insurance Coverage, 26 Connecticut Insurance Law Journal 115-143 (2020). view
Ashley S. Deeks, Will Cyber Autonomy Undercut Democratic Accountability?, 96 International Law Studies 464-504 (2020). view
John C. Harrison, Seila Law and the Law of Judicial Review, University of Chicago Law Review Online 77-86 (2020). view
David A. Martin, Taming Immigration: The 64th Henry J. Miller Distinguished Lecture Series Remarks, 36 Georgia State University Law Review 971-1003 (2020). view
Frederick Schauer, The Hostile Audience Revisited, in David E. Pozen The Perilous Public Square: Structural Threats to Free Expression Today, Columbia University Press, 65-83 (2020). view
Pierre-Hugues Verdier, Global Banks on Trial: U.S. Prosecutions and the Remaking of International Finance, Oxford University Press (2020). view
Frederick Schauer, Oliver Wendell Holmes, the Abrams Case, and the Origins of the Harmless Speech Tradition, 51 Seton Hall Law Review 205-224 (2020). view
George Rutherglen, Reconstruction in Legal Theory, 105 Minnesota Law Review Headnotes 95-110 (2020). view
Danielle K. Citron, Cyber Mobs, Disinformation, and Death Videos: The Internet As It Is (and As It Should Be) (reviewing Nick Drnaso, Sabrina) 118 Michigan Law Review 1073-1093 (2020). view
Sarah H. Cleveland & Paul B. Stephan, Introduction: The Roles of the Restatements in U.S. Foreign Relations Law, in Paul B. Stephan & Sarah H. Cleveland The Restatement and Beyond: The Past, Present, and Future of U.S. Foreign Relations Law, Oxford University Press, 1-20 (2020). view
Philip J. Cook & Kimberly D. Krawiec, Kidney Donation and the Consent of the Poor, 66 Loyola Law Review 23-32 (2020). view
Joy Milligan, Plessy Preserved: Agencies and the Effective Constitution, 129 Yale Law Journal 924-1019 (2020). view



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