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antitrustAntitrust and Healthcare: A Comprehensive Guide
Saralisa Brau ’00, David Marx Jr., and Christine L. White
American Health Lawyers Association

This practical guide is filled with useful pointers for minimizing antitrust risk and planning and executing solid business strategies in the health care field. Antitrust and Healthcare draws on the authors’ collective experience in government enforcement, private sector counseling, and litigation.

Essential topics covered in the book are: pre-merger notification and transaction planning, antitrust compliance and “sensitivity programs,” the use of emails and other electronic documents, and antitrust safety zones, defenses, and immunities.

Antitrust and Healthcare explains how antitrust principles can be applied to a wide variety of entities within the health care industry, from not-for-profit concerns to commercial insurance companies and managed care facilities. Chapter topics include monopolization, premerger notification and transaction planning, and the Robinson Patman Act, among others.

Saralisa Brau is a deputy assistant director with the health care division of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition. She leads investigations and litigation that involves alleged violations of the antitrust laws by health care providers and pharmaceutical companies.

petticoatsPetticoats and Pinstripes: Portraits of Women in Wall Street’s History
Sheri J. Caplan ’92

Petticoats and Pinstripes presents a fascinating account of women’s contributions to American finance from colonial to modern times, and it is the first book to put those contributions in historical perspective.

For a long time, women were virtually shut out of the world of finance. In times of crisis they successfully took on financial roles, but they were dismissed when conditions improved. Caplan describes the financial accomplishments of women in the context of cultural norms, the advancement of women’s rights, and the evolution of women’s status in society and in the workplace. She highlights the accomplishments of key figures in biographical essays featuring Abigail Adams, Maggie L. Walker, Hetty Green, and Abby Joseph Cohen, to name just a few.

This thoroughly researched account reveals the pluck of the early “she merchants” who led the way into the male-dominated world of Wall Street. A “who’s who” section briefly explains the significance of a number of women who made important inroads in this field, and another gives a chronology of key events. “A great read for those interested in business, history, women’s studies, and/or money,” notes Library Journal.

Sheri Caplan is a security arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

riseThe Rise of the Naked Economy:How to Benefit from the Changing Workplace
Ryan Coonerty ’01 and Jeremy Neuner

How can you achieve personal and professional success in an economy that no longer guarantees lifetime employment? In The Rise of the Naked Economy, Ryan Coonerty and Jeremy Neuner explain how the rise of non-traditional employment demands new strategies, new infrastructure, and a more flexible approach from workers, employers, and their communities.

For those who are willing to look at work and the workplace in new ways, there are lots of exciting opportunities.

The authors interviewed people, companies, and policymakers who are leading the way along a new path to prosperity. For recent college graduates, employees who have been recently laid off, and for others who just seek new possibilities in the world of work, this book will serve as an optimistic, inspirational, and sometimes downright humorous guide. Walter Isaacson, author of the bestselling biography, Steve Jobs, writes, “This provocative and fascinating book is a valuable guide to navigating the changes in the American workforce and economy. Plus, it’s fun to read!”

ryan Coonerty is co-founder and chief strategist of NextSpace Coworking + Innovation, which provides physical space and virtual infrastructure for creative collaboration among freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals.

thinnerThinner This Year
Chris Crowley ’65 and Jen Sacheck

In his latest book, Chris Crowley, the coauthor of Younger Next Year, clearly explains a weight-loss plan that guides readers to a healthier life. Based on the most up-to-date nutritional science, Thinner This Year explains how to eat and how to exercise, with a plan that enables readers to lose up to 25 pounds in the first six months and keep it off.

In alternating chapters, Crowley and Jen Sacheck, a nutritionist and exercise physiologist from Tufts University, explain how their program works. Thinner This Year details the ingredients of a healthy diet and the “dead foods” to steer clear of. There is a useful explanation of the role of different fats, the importance of protein, and how excess weight can contribute to harmful inflammation linked to chronic conditions.

Find out how and what to eat and how to exercise, from the best aerobic workouts to an excellent collection of 25 whole-body strength exercises the authors call “the sacred 25” that build muscle, protect joints, and improve mobility.

Their prescriptions are demanding: vigorous exercise six days a week and a plant-based diet that is half fruits and vegetables, but the evident rewards are clear. Recipes, meal plans, and exercise diagrams are included, as well as swift debunking of common diet myths.

Chris Crowley was a litigator and partner with a New York City law firm before he retired to live, as he declares, “more than one life.” See

equityEquity Crowdfunding: Transforming Customers into Loyal Owners
Jonathan Frutkin ’98
Cricca Funding, LLC

Having started a number of successful businesses, Jonathan Frutkin knows a lot about trends and pressures on entrepreneurs and managers, what works and what doesn’t when it comes to staying power. One of the biggest threats to success is undercapitalization. Business owners need a new way to raise money for their companies.

Crowdfunding is the effort of individuals to pool some of their money for a common purpose. This book concentrates on equity crowdfunding, in which a number of individuals invest in a business with the hope of future financial return. The businesses likely to benefit most from this new marketing opportunity are those that generate between $1 and $10 million annually—the fastest-growing category and potentially the one that will create the most new jobs.

U.S. securities law currently prohibits crowdfunded equity investments, but the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012 should make this opportunity possible within the next year, Frutkin explains.

When savvy business owners can turn their customers into loyal owners and promoters and use social networks to gain market share, they will be able to tap into a larger market than they ever imagined.

Jonathan Frutkin is the CEO of Cricca Funding, LLC, a consulting firm that works with locally owned businesses to take advantage of equity crowdfunding.

father's legacyA Father’s Legacy: The Life of My Father, G. Raye Jones
Lydia Jewell Jones

G. Raye Jones ’82 has written many poems through the years, a number of which his daughter collected for this book. The verses reveal her father’s devotion to his faith, his family, and his friends, which are and have always been the foundation of his life.

A verse in one of the poems, “The Preacher,” conveys in just a few lines his dedication to his faith and work:

He is a preacher for the King of all Kings
All of his possessions are waiting in Heaven
He keeps his eyes on the plow, his heart is set
He remembers his Father’s Words, “Son, it isn’t sundown yet!

G. Raye Jones is an estate and tax planning attorney in Charlottesville and a pastor of Faith Baptist Church. He was raised by his mother, Myrtle Clary Jones, in a tenant tobacco farmhouse without plumbing in Rawlings, Virginia. He is a double ’Hoo (B.A. ’79, J.D. ’82) and has an LL.M. in taxation from Marshall Wythe School of Law. Proceeds from the sale of A Father’s Legacy help fund his mission projects, primarily in Kenya. He is currently working on a second book of poetry.

3 ingredients3 Ingredient Cocktails
Jane Kurtz ’92 (J.K. O’Hanlon)
evenSo Press

For anyone who ever wondered how to mix the perfect cocktail, or ran out of ideas for new ones, this book is all they will need. The recipes in 3 Ingredient Cocktails include a short and simple list of ingredients and straightforward instructions that will enable anyone to make a great cocktail.

The author explains how to stock a home bar without great expense. She includes five cocktails based on each of the main categories of hard liquor: gin, vodka, rum, tequila, and whiskey. Recipes and techniques for mixing and serving a range of classic cocktails, some with a more modern twist, including gin gimlet, the kamikaze, loco coco, brave bull, and the rusty nail are featured. Also included are an intriguing group of “whatnots,” such as port lemonade and the B-52.

Illustrated with color photographs throughout, and full of interesting facts about the history and characteristics of the ingredients, this guide will literally give mixologists fascinating bits for their next cocktail conversation.

Jane Kurtz O’Hanlon left her Midwest corporate law practice in 2012 to start her own publishing company, evenSo Press. This is her first book.

foreignThe Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Compliance, Investigations and Enforcement
Robert J. Meyer ’85, Martin J. Weinstein, and Jeffrey D. Clark
Law Journal Press

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was enforced sporadically for the first two decades, but in recent years the U.S. government has enforced it vigorously, seeking high fines for corporations and jail time for executives.

This volume covers all aspects of the FCPA and explains the exacting recordkeeping requirements, the steps for compliance and mitigation of penalties, and other important topics.

The book helps readers identify the warning signs of foreign corrupt practices and answers important questions about when American companies and their officers and directors can be held responsible for the practices of non-U.S. subsidiaries. Other key points, including what exactly constitutes “knowledge” and “corrupt intent,” are dealt with here.

In a global economy it’s more difficult all the time for corporations, officers, and directors to know about improper actions that occur far away.

The authors, who specialize in FCPA cases, provide invaluable guidance for almost any FCPA-related matter.

Robert J. Meyer is a partner with Willkie Farr & Gallagher in Washington, D.C.

productsProducts Liability Depositions
Terrance M. Miller ’72 and Robert P. Miller
Juris Publishing, Inc.

This revised edition of Products Liability Depositions focuses on how to prepare for and take depositions that will help build a solid case. The book includes sample depositions from past cases that illustrate a range of techniques that can be used to develop useful testimony. Practical, timesaving tips will help readers prepare to take depositions in product liability cases.

Products Liability Depositions offers an easy-to-use source of information on legal doctrines that apply to products liability cases. One invaluable section describes the substantive law that applies to products cases from every state in the U.S., allowing a quick check of which affirmative defenses are available to a strict liability claim in each state. This new edition includes a new strategy for form 20B, dealing with the deposition of an expert witness in a case involving a claim of manufacturing defects in roofing materials on a high-rise condominium project.

Terrance Miller, a partner with Porter, Wright, Morris & Arthur in Columbus, Ohio, has 35 years’ experience in trial and appellate practice involving products liability cases.

springboardSpringboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success
G. Richard Shell ’81

Many of us fall into the work we do, the life we live, without a plan or a clear set of goals. If you could follow your dream, do you know what it would be? If the idea of figuring that out intrigues you, Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success will help you understand how family, friends, and culture have influenced how you judge success. Then you will be able to pay attention to what really matters to you, not what you think you should want.

Shell draws on decades of research and mentoring experience to give compelling examples of people who changed directions or careers to do the things they find most rewarding (a former student of Shell’s left a business career to work with inner-city high school students; a well-off son of a CEO found fulfillment as a policeman fighting drug lords). The author offers a wealth of insights on happiness, self-confidence, relationships, and careers that can help readers, at any stage, be their own judge of success and live life on their own terms.

G. Richard Shell is the Thomas Gerrity Professor of Legal Studies, Business Ethics, and Management at the Wharton School of Business. He teaches a course on the meaning of success that was the basis for writing this book.

spanish-englishSpanish-English Dictionary of Law and Business
Thomas L. West III ’90
Intermark Language Publications

The second edition of Spanish-English Dictionary of Law and Business is a revised and greatly expanded edition of the first. It provides a handy reference to thousands of terms and phrases used in law and business. No other Spanish-English Dictionary includes complete coverage of legal terminology used in all 20 Spanish-speaking countries. It is the only source for translations of terms that are unique to countries such as Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela.

Many entries include not only a definition but also information on the country of use, the area of law, and even references to specific articles of law. The author includes detailed distinctions in defining words that other dictionaries might view as more generic. (The entry for deuda (debt), for example, includes 51 specific kinds of debt.) Since terms are not always consistent from one Spanish-speaking country to another, synonyms are often included with country of origin. Carefully compiled over the past 18 years, this dictionary includes terms that are important in understanding new laws in many Spanish-speaking jurisdictions.

The Spanish-English Dictionary of Law and Business is an essential reference work for all Spanish to English translators who specialize in legal, business, and financial text.

Thomas West is founder and president of Intermark Language Services, a legal and financial translation services company based in Chattanooga, Tenn.


the forgottenThe Forgotten
David Baldacci ’86
Grand Central Publishing

John Puller, the hero introduced in Zero Day, is a U.S. Army Ranger, combat veteran, and patriot. In short, he is a force to be reckoned with. On a break from his assignment as an agent of the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division, he takes a trip for some R&R to see his aunt in Paradise, Florida.

He arrives to find her dead. The police label her death an accidental drowning, but Puller suspects it was murder; his aunt had written him a letter recently with references to strange things going on at night, saying things weren’t at all what they seemed.

Paradise, with its white sand beaches and manicured estates, at first glance appears to be aptly named, but it also holds something sinister, as Puller discovers. A wealthy man named Peter Lampert runs a global kidnapping operation from his oceanfront mansion. The enslaved women are forced into prostitution and the men deal drugs or become laborers. Lampert threatens all of them that if they try to escape their families back home will be killed. They have no doubt that he would do it.

When Lampert feels threatened by Puller’s investigation, he unleashes his private army to eliminate him. Among Puller’s unlikely allies are Julie Carson, a brigadier general who can hold her own in a life-or-death fight, and Mecho, an escaped slave intent on revenge. In the midst of all the danger, two characters reveal surprising things about themselves.

David Baldacci and his wife, Michelle, have started the Wish You Well Foundation to promote literacy. Visit his Web site at

the hitThe Hit
David Baldacci ’86
Grand Central Publishing

Jessica Reel, one of the most skilled assassins working for the U.S. government, has gone rogue, and she’s training her lethal skills on her former colleagues in the agency. She has to be stopped, and the order goes out to bring her in dead or alive.

Will Robie, the agent who has a reputation for outsmarting and outmaneuvering even the most dangerous enemies of the government, is put on the case. “Only a killer can catch another killer,” he’s told. As he goes after Reel, he finds out that there are complicated reasons underlying her rogue actions, and he’s determined to understand her motives. There’s a conspiracy out there, he discovers, that threatens international relations in a way nothing ever has before.

In a race to figure all of it out, Robie encounters double-crosses, firebombs, booby traps and ambushes. The challenge before him will push him to the limit in ways he never imagined.

“What makes The Hit live up to its title is the payoff at the novel’s end,” says The Washington Post. “By then, Baldacci has planted an emotional hook that remains long after readers have turned the last page.”

death angelDeath Angel
Linda Fairstein ’72

Master of urban intrigue Linda Fairstein sets her latest thriller in New York’s Central Park. After the body of a girl is found in the lake below the Bethesda Terrace and beneath the gaze of the winged statue of an angel, Assistant District Attorney Alex Cooper and detective Mike Chapman hunt for clues to the killer.

They comb the woods, footpaths, dark caves and lookouts in the park seeking traces of the crime. They crisscross the Ramble, the Ravine, and peer inside the attic of the infamous Dakota building that looms over the park, looking for some trace of the crime. Then they learn that a man with a tattoo that reads “Kill Coop” has been harassing women in the park. Cooper’s past casework could be the cause of his threatening presence. When a second woman is attacked, the investigation heats up in a race to find the killer.

Through the eyes of her intrepid characters, Fairstein explores Central Park, both urban sanctuary and murder scene, and delivers fascinating and little-known details about the park’s hidden corners and its history.

“Death Angel is a real page-turner that not only illustrated Linda Fairstein’s absolute command of her subject matter but also her undeniable prowess as a storyteller,” notes a review in the Hartford Books Examiner.

The author is a legal expert on crimes involving sexual assault and domestic violence, having served for two decades as chief of the sex crimes unit for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

M.A. Herlong ’84

Buddy is the story of a boy, a dog, and Hurricane Katrina. Tyrone Elijah Roberts, or Lil’T to those who know him, lives in New Orleans. He says he wanted a dog ever since the day after he was born, but his father always had a practical reason why he couldn’t. On the way to church one morning, the family car hit a dog that lost its leg from the injury. Lil’T made a plan for how he could keep his three-legged dog, named Buddy.

But then Hurricane Katrina heads for New Orleans and everyone has to leave the city. There’s not enough room for Buddy in the car, and Lil’T’s father says Buddy will be okay in the house for the two days they will be away. In the wake of the storm’s fury, those two days turn into nine months. The awful flooding and destruction took a terrible toll on the city and the people who called it home.

Lil’T finds Buddy, but he’ll have to make a difficult decision that was never part of his plan at all. In the New York Times Book Supplement, John Grogan, author of Marley and Me, wrote, “What makes Buddy memorable is not just the tale of a boy’s fierce love for his dog, but its harrowing portrayal of one of this nation’s most traumatic natural disasters. From start to finish, Buddy is a testament to the human capacity to endure, to find hope in the sodden ruins of destroyed lives.”

Madaline Herlong lives in New Orleans. This story came out of her experience as a New Orleanian when Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of the city. This is her second novel.

partner trackThe Partner Track
Helen Wan ’98
St. Martin’s Press

Ingrid Yung is on the verge of being made partner with Parsons Valentine & Hunt, a prestigious law firm in New York City. As a Chinese-American woman and child of immigrant parents, she’s living the American Dream. She has done everything right, it appears, to get there—long hours, talking with the right people in the corporate dining room, earning her place without help from the cigar and Scotch-fueled old-boy network that exists behind closed doors. She is, in fact, shown in the firm’s recruiting brochure as a shining example of diversity.

At Parsons Valentine’s summer outing, an offensive performance threatens to tarnish the image of the firm, and Ingrid is forced to lead a diversity initiative to improve public relations. The work takes her focus away from an important deal that was to clinch her being named partner, and as her dream of success recedes, she finds herself in the midst of a clash of race, class, and sexual politics.

The author reveals the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle ways that discrimination still plays out in American corporate culture. The Partner Track deals with a compelling question: How can a smart, hardworking Asian-American woman find her way to a successful career while remaining true to herself?

Helen Wan is associate general counsel at Time Inc. in New York City. This is her first novel.

sweet dreamsSweet Dreams UVA
Kendall Wolfson
Mascot Books

This charming bedtime book based on Margaret Wise Brown’s classic, Goodnight Moon, takes little future ’Hoos and their parents on a bedtime tour around the grounds of the University of Virginia with CavMan and Marquis the Mouse. The amusing rhymes and fun characters eventually lead them to a Lawn Room—just in time to fall asleep.

The crisp, original full-color illustrations bring Mr. Jefferson’s University to life, and little ones will soon become familiar with the best-known and most beloved landmarks on campus—the Lawn, the Rotunda, and the Law School. Parents and ’Hoos of all ages will feel the tug of the familiar with the turn of every page.

Kendall Wolfson, a double ’Hoo, and her husband, Jonathan Wolfson ’10, share familiarity with the rich traditions of UVA. This is Kendall’s first book.

unreconciledThe Unreconciled
Eric Young ’96
Ambassador International

This breathtaking political thriller explores the idea of a Christian holocaust on American soil. Readers hold on for a whirlwind ride through time: It’s 2084, after the Christian holocaust has taken place. The Caliph reigns over America, English is a dead language, and Christianity has been eliminated.

A surviving Catholic Cardinal hires an archeologist named Denisa Graceon to track down a Christian relic that somehow survived. Her search begins at the University of Virginia, where Thomas Jefferson’s dream of freedom and democracy has turned into a nightmare of oppression.

Graceon makes her way deep into the Appalachian wilderness of Southwest Virginia, where she discovers the last American Christians, “the Unreconciled.” They live a rugged life out of sight of the Caliph, who is sure to annihilate them if he discovers where they are. Graceon, whose exposure to these Christians and their beliefs has had a profound effect on her, is born again. She falls in love with the guardian of the very relic she was entrusted to find, and realizes that she may be the only one who can save the Unreconciled.

Eric Young lives with his family in rural Virginia.