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Magna Carta Turns 800: The Sheer Force of an Idea

University of Virginia School of Law Professor A. E. Dick Howard 61 is advising the Library of Congress on its exhibit marking the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, the "universal symbol of the rule of law." He will also lecture on the subject throughout England.


Magna Carta Turns 800
supreme Court memo Penumbras and Emanations, Brawlers and Vagabonds

In researching her book on vagrancy law, Professor Risa Goluboff came across a revealing artifact in the substantive due process debate in the mid-20th century U.S. Supreme Court.

Professor Fred Scahuer Magna Carta and Its Constitutional Status
Professor Frederick Schauer discusses the widely held belief that the United Kingdom has no constitution—or that it has no written constitution. But legal philosophers and most constitutional theorists know better.

Students and Professor Alex Johnson First-Year Students Find Community in Small Sections

First-year students build close relationships among their classmates, receive friendly guidance from section professors and upperclassmen, and become part of a community through the small-section approach to learning.

Student Pro Bono Clinic Investigates Claims of False Conviction Student Pro Bono Clinic Investigates Claims of False Conviction

A new extracurricular pro bono effort give students hands-on experience investigating potential false convictions in the state's criminal justice system and supports the work of the school's Innocence Project Clinic.