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Law School alumni have written and published books on a wide variety of topics. If you have written a new book and want to tell us about it, please send all pertinent information to:
UVA Lawyer, 580 Massie Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903; or


Christmas TrainThe Christmas Train
David Baldacci '86
Warner Books

The Christmas Train, Baldacci's eighth novel, takes the reader from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles via railway. Booklist calls the novel a sweet holiday tale in which "Tom Langdon is a former war reporter who now writes feature articles for various magazines. Banned from flying after a hostile incident at an airport security checkpoint, Langdon is forced to take a cross-country train … to Los Angeles, where his girlfriend is waiting to spend Christmas with him." Over 33 million copies of Baldacci's books are in print in more than 80 countries. CastleRock Entertainment made his debut novel,
Absolute Power, into a major motion
picture in 1996. Follow Baldacci's latest at

Bone VaultThe Bone Vault
Linda Fairstein '72

"The latest adventures of Assistant DA Alex Cooper bring readers behind the scenes of New York's most magnificent and mysterious institutions," according to Scribner. Fairstein's novel, The Bone Vault, is fifth in a series featuring UVA Law School graduate Alexandra Cooper. "Cooper is pulled out of a party at the Metropolitan Museum when a young researcher's body is found, perfectly preserved, in an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus. … Many of her colleagues at the Museum seem like they're hiding something—why is the director of the Natural History Museum so reluctant to help?"'s review says, "Fairstein's thrillers offer an in-depth tour of truly off-the-beaten-path Manhattan as well as solid plotting, well-drawn characters, and snappy dialogue. What the DA's office lost when the author retired to write full-time is the mystery fan's biggest gain!" Find Fairstein's most recent news at

Shadows of PowerThe Shadows of Power
James W. Huston '84
HarperCollins Publishers

In his fifth novel, Huston again weaves the military and government together for a timely and politically charged thriller. In The Shadows of Power a military pilot is "vectored to intercept Algerians who are defending their newly claimed 200-mile territorial limit," writes the publisher. "During a dramatic, high-stakes dogfight, the Algerians open fire and Stovic shoots down one of the Algerians' MiGs, its pilot tumbling to a fiery death in the Mediterranean. … The brother of the deceased Algerian pilot is in the U.S. on a student visa. … While attending his brother's funeral—the biggest event in Algeria in a decade—Ismael is coerced by a group of Islamic radicals to seek revenge for his brother's death.… Unknown to either of these two men, Kent Rathman has been assigned by a highly placed government official to watch them. Working in the shadows, Rat moves easily among government agencies and is ordered by his White House contacts—including the President and the NSA director, who has plans to bring about a change of power on her own—to stop the Algerian." says, "James W. Huston has crafted a spellbinding tale worthy of the best.… His crisp, energetic writing keeps the reader enthralled throughout this multilayered story of military action, personal courage, international intrigue, and true-life events." Some of Huston's earlier novels include Balance of Power and Fallout.

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Moonshine TrialThe Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935
T. Keister Greer '48
History House Press

"The longest jury trial in Virginia history, the historic explanation of why 'moonshining' flourished in this part of the world, the actual words of the people on trial: the definitive study of 'The Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial of 1935'," according to Blue Ridge Traditions Magazine. The Great Moonshine Conspiracy Trial intimately follows the story of Virginia's longest trial in history, based on the records and transcripts around the case.

Nagle's The Law of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management
John Copeland Nagle and J.B. Ruhl '82
Foundation Press

According to the West Group, "This law school casebook defines biodiversity, outlines factors in choosing among different policy approaches for its protection, and finds appropriate levels of administration for implementing those policies."

Covering Your AssetsCovering Your Assets: A Guide for Bank Directors in the New Millennium
Christopher J. Sumner '71
Garn Institute of Finance of the Eccles School of Business

"Replete with helpful insight and practical tools that will help current directors contribute more effectively to the success of their institution and will help prospective directors understand what will be required of them in their new directorship. The book gives readers a director's perspective which is unique in works of this type," according to the publisher. The book is available via email:

Sport: Law and Practice
Edited by Jonathan Taylor LL.M. '90 and Adam Lewis

Butterworths calls this "a major new textbook on Sports Law in the UK that consolidates guidance across all the major practice areas of interest to sports lawyers." The book has chapters covering the realm of sports in Europe, including Taxation of Sports Entities, Financing, Risk Management, Venues, Broadcasting, New Media, Sponsorship and Supply Agreements, and Licensing/Merchandising.

The Future of the American Labor Movement
Hoyt W. Wheeler '61
Cambridge University Press

"Coming at a time of profound change in the global conditions under which American organized labor exists, the Future of the American Labor Movement describes and analyzes labor's strategic alternatives," according to Cambridge University Press. "The analysis is broadly cast, taking into account ideas that range from the current European Social Dialogue to the methods of the nineteenth century American Knights of Labor. There are a number of intriguing strategies that have potential for reviving the labor movement in the United States, of which worker ownership and labor capital strategies are examples. This book demonstrates the necessity for a number of diverse strategies to be pursued simultaneously. For this to work, one has to think in terms of a broad movement of labor, consisting of diverse parts, held together by a clear idea of its purpose and a new structure."

Justice James Iredell
Willis P. Whichard LL.M. '84
Carolina Academic Press

Justice James Iredell was named a CHOICE Magazine Outstanding Academic Title for 2001. "James Iredell sailed from England to the English colony of North Carolina in 1768 to be a customs officer at the port of Edenton," according to the publisher. "While serving King George III at the port of Edenton, Iredell studied law under Samuel Johnston, who would become his brother-in-law, mentor, and friend. Iredell became a superior lawyer and the leading essayist in his region in support of American independence. Following the American Revolution, he was the foremost advocate in North Carolina for adoption of the proposed federal Constitution and later served on the Supreme Court after ratification. In Justice James Iredell, Whichard traces the life of this public servant from customs officer to lawyer to eminent statesman and concludes with a description of the man himself: his family, friends, finances, slaves, and religion. It is the only biography chronicling the achievements of this important figure in North Carolina and American history."