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East Side StoryEast Side Story
Louis Auchincloss ’41
Houghton Miff in

How did the families who live on Manhattan’s Upper East Side get to where they are today? As much a penetrating social history as it is engaging fiction, East Side Story tells of the Carnochans, a family whose Scottish forebears establish themselves in New York’s textile business during the Civil War. From there they quickly move on to seize prominent positions in the country’s top schools and Manhattan’s elite firms. As the novel unfolds, family members across the generations recount their stories, illuminating lives steeped in both good fortune and moral jeopardy. Kirkus Reviews hails Auchincloss for being “once again the master of his craft.”

Louis Auchincloss was honored in the year 2000 as a “Living Landmark” by the New York Landmarks Conservancy. He has written more than 50 books, including the story collection, Manhattan Monologues, and the novel, The Rector of Justin. The president of the Academy of Arts and Letters, he resides in New York City.

Hour GameHour Game
David Baldacci ’86
Warner Books  

A woman is found murdered in the woods with a very special watch on her wrist — and what seemed a simple case soon escalates into a nightmare. The criminal methods of some of the most infamous killers of all time are being replicated by a new predator that stalks and strikes victims with a cunning brilliance. No one can understand the murderer’s motives or who the next victim will be. Drawn into this violent affair are two Secret Service agents turned private investigators, Sean King and Michelle Maxwell. Both have been hired to prove a man’s innocence in a domestic burglary involving an aristocratic, if dysfunctional, family. Soon stunning secrets will lead the partners into the middle of a frantic search for a killer unlike any they’ve confronted before. From Publisher’s Weekly, “King and Maxwell reappear in this utterly absorbing, complex mystery-thriller that spins in unexpected directions. … There are terrific action sequences sprinkled throughout, and plenty of suspense, and the King/Maxwell relationship, while not romantic, emits sparks. It’s Baldacci’s portrayal of small town Southern life … that give the novel texture and depth. Despite fair clues, few if any readers will ID the villain (villains?) before they’re revealed, and a snappy surprise ending will have Baldacci’s many fans remembering why they love this author so much.” David Baldacci was born in Virginia, where he currently resides, and practiced law for nine years in Washington, DC. He has published ten novels.

Temple of MusicThe Temple of Music
Jonathan Lowy ’88

A vivid, gripping historical novel of the Gilded Age, The Temple of Music re-creates the larger-than-life characters and tempestuous events that rocked turn-of-the-century America. From battlefields to political backrooms, from romance to murder, The Temple of Music tells the tales of robber barons, immigrants, yellow journalists, and anarchists, all centering on one of the most fascinating, mysterious, but little-explored events in American history: the assassination of President William McKinley by the disturbed anarchist Leon Czolgosz. The Temple of Music brings to life the intrigues and passions, the hatreds and loves of a rich cast of real-life characters. At the center of the tableau is William McKinley, the president, and Leon Czolgosz, his assassin. McKinley rises to the presidency almost by accident, floating on the money and political clout of Mark Hanna. Sober and unimaginative, McKinley’s personal life is marked by drama and tragedy, the unstable wife he loves, and enemies he cannot imagine — chief among them, Leon Czolgosz, a lonely immigrant and factory worker who plots the most spectacular protest in an age of spectacular protests — McKinley’s assassination at the 1901 Buffalo World’s Fair. From Publishers Weekly, “The novel stays true to the mission of good historical fiction, which is to dispel the textbook notion of iconic events as either planned or inevitable. Czolgosz and McKinley are real people in Lowy’s hands, motivated as much by love and fear as politics or ideology, and often confused as they unwittingly write the pages of American history.” Jonathan Lowy is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Elvis and Nixon. He lives in the Washington, DC area, with his wife Dawn and their children Alessandra and Zachary.


Fundamentals of Federal LitigationFundamentals of Federal Litigation
Heidi Brown ’94
Thomson-West Publishing  

Written for the new litigation practitioner or infrequent federal litigator, Fundamentals of Federal Litigation applies the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure using guidelines applicable in jurisdictions throughout the United States. This tool guides the attorney through each phase of the case, from filing the complaint through undertaking an appeal. The author provides practical advice on every aspect of litigation as well as templates, flowcharts, checklists, timelines, and real-life anecdotes to help advocate for clients involved in federal litigation. Heidi Brown is of counsel at Moore & Lee LLP in New York, specializing in litigation.

The New Rules of Retirement The New Rules of Retirement
Robert C. Carlson ’82
John Wiley & Sons  

According to publisher John Wiley & Sons, “In The New Rules of Retirement, nationally recognized retirement expert Robert Carlson will show you how to incorporate the Age Wave into your retirement planning process and teach proven, profitable, and unique strategies for achieving a financially secure retirement. He’ll explain why you should be prepared to save more than past retirees have and how to use the new rules for investing. He’ll also reveal why you might not receive as much help from Social Security, Medicare, and your former employer as you might think.” Robert Carlson is editor of Retirement Watch, a monthly newsletter, and is the managing member of Carlson Wealth Advisors LLC.

The War Over Perpetual PeaceThe War Over Perpetual Peace: An Exploration into the History of a Foundational International Relations Text
Eric S. Easley ’97
Palgrave MacMillan

From the publisher, “Immanuel Kant’s Perpetual Peace is widely recognized as a foundational text within international relations and has become essential reading for scholars and students within the discipline. The War over Perpetual Peace explores the history of Kant’s most celebrated treatise, tracing the competing interpretations of it that scholars have offered over the last 200 years. Easley demonstrates the existence of two distinct patterns of interpretation that have existed in the literature since the mid-19th century: first, that the text endorses peace proposals above the state level, and second, that the text is in favor of peace proposals at the state level. The principal explanation for these two patterns resides in the rise and fall of hopes for peace through international organizations. It can also be attributed to the rise in the number of liberal states over time. These patterns and explanations provide a comprehensive historical background and analytical framework for understanding Perpetual Peace, which enables academics and students of international relations to better understand its complex meaning and to think beyond conventionally accepted interpretations of the day.” Professor Sharon Anderson-Gold, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute says, “The War over Perpetual Peace is certain to be regarded as unique and provocative. I would expect this work to bring about renewed interest and argument concerning the relationship between Kant’s great prophetic history, its interpretations, and the actual course of affairs.” Eric Easley joined the U.S. Foreign Service after receiving a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

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Non-Fiction, continued

Hello to All That: A Memoir of War, Zoloft, and PeaceHello to All That: A Memoir of War, Zoloft, and Peace
John Falk ’97
Henry Holt and Company

Falk was an average Long Island kid until depression left him ashamed and trapped behind an impenetrable chemical wall. Barely surviving on “chin-up” tips from his big, loyal, boisterous family, Falk tried to fight his disease — or hide it. But by 24, he was alone, living on books by war correspondents, their adventures his only escape. Then he found a blue pill called Zoloft and set out on a mission to make his own name as a correspondent in Bosnia during one of the most dangerous conflicts in recent memory. Falk’s journey has never been predictable, and neither is his moving, outrageous, and sometimes frightening memoir.

Hello To All That is a brilliant, moving, hilarious,” and altogether completely original memoir that will undoubtedly go down as an instant classic. John Falk has somehow written a book about war and the even more terrifying darkness within him that manages to be both poignant and irresistibly funny,” writes Sebastian Junger, author of The Perfect Storm.

Among psychologists today, John Falk is known as patient X and the story of his recovery from chronic depression is used to inspire hope in other patients. He is also a freelance journalist who survived the rough and tumble of reporting from the front in Sarajevo. An article he wrote for Details magazine, entitled “Shot Through the Heart,” became an HBO movie and won a Peabody Award for Best Cable Movie of the Year. He lives in Hillsdale, NY.

The Recording Industry - Second Edition The Recording Industry — Second Edition
Geoffrey Hull ’71
Routledge- New York

The Recording Industry presents a brief but comprehensive examination of how records are made, marketed, and sold. The book opens with an overview of popular music and its place in American society, along with descriptions of key players in the recording industry. The book’s second part describes the making of a recording from production through marketing and retail sales. Finally Part III addresses legal issues, including copyright and problems of piracy. The new edition takes into account the massive changes in the recording industry occurring today due to the revolution of music on the web. Geoffrey Hull is a professor in the Recording Industry Department at Middle Tennessee State University.

Redefining FederalismRedefining Federalism: Listening to the States in Shaping “Our Federalism”
Edited by Douglas T. Kendall ’92
Environmental Law Institute  

If federalism is about protecting the states, why not listen to them? In the last decade, the Supreme Court has reworked significant areas of constitutional law with the professed purpose of protecting the dignity and authority of the States, while frequently disregarding the States’ views as to what federalism is all about. The Court is striking down federal law where even the States recognize that a federal role is necessary to address a national problem while inappropriately limiting state experimentation. By listening more carefully to the States, the Supreme Court could transform its federalism jurisprudence from a source of criticism and polarization to a doctrine that should win broad support from across the political spectrum. Here, six distinguished authors redefine federalism and reaffirm Justice Louis Brandeis’s vision of States and localities as the laboratories of democracy. Douglas T. Kendall is the founder and executive director of Community Rights Counsel, a public interest law firm in Washington, DC. James E. Ryan’92, Academic Associate Dean and William L. Matheson & Robert M. Morgenthau Distinguished Professor at the Law School also contributed a chapter to Redefining Federalism.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to BridgeThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Bridge — Second Edition
H. Anthony Medley ’65 with Michael Lawrence
Penguin Books

Penguin Books says the first edition of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Bridge was the fastest selling beginning bridge book, going through more than ten printings. This updated edition includes some modern advanced bidding systems and conventions, like Two over One, a system used by many modern tournament players, Roman Key Card Blackwood, New Minor Forcing, Reverse Drury, Forcing No Trump, and others. Also included is a detailed Guide to Bids and Responses, along with a detailed 12-page glossary and examples to make learning the game even easier. Anthony Medley holds the rank of Bronze Life Master, is an American Contract Bridge League Club Director, and has won regional and sectional titles.

Criminal Law & ProcedureCriminal Law & Procedure, Fifth Edition
John M. Scheb LL.M. ’84 and John M. Scheb II
Wadsworth Publishing Co.

This text is intended for criminal law and procedure courses in departments of political science, sociology, legal studies, criminal justice, criminology, and the administration of justice. It differs from other texts offered in the applied legal area in that it is appropriate for a combined course in law and procedure. It covers all of the necessary content in a manageable fashion and integrates the material logically. Utilizing extensive case material, this book covers the historical background and has been thoroughly updated to include the latest Supreme Court decisions and other developments in criminal justice today. John M. Scheb is now a Senior Judge for the Florida Court System and Distinguished Professorial Lecturer at Stetson University College of Law in St. Petersburg.

A Foreigner's Legal Guide to Doing Business in the United StatesA Foreigner’s Legal Guide to Doing Business in the United States
Richard Winston ’94
In collaboration with Butterworth’s Tolley (U.K.)

The author writes, “This book is written for foreign corporations and foreign nationals that are seeking to develop a better understanding of the U.S. legal rules that may impact their ‘inbound’ investment decisions. The 17 chapters explore a wide range of legal topics that can assist a business in its formation stages and continue to assist the business as it establishes a more defined presence in the United States. The guide can also be used by domestic corporations and individuals to better understand specific legal issues that affect their day-to-day operations.” Richard L. Winston specializes in corporate and international taxation with the Miami office of Steel Hector & Davis.