Academic Services Information for Transfer Students

Academic Services Information for Transfer Students

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All transfer students will be contacted over the summer regarding mandatory orientation, which will occur on August 3, 2018.  All transfer students are welcome to attend any of the sessions and events that will be held on August 17, 19, 20 and 21, but those sessions are not mandatory for transfer students.

Transfer Credits

The Student Records Office (SRO) emails all incoming transfer students individually in early July to notify of graduation requirements, the credits that will transfer for the individual and the degree requirements remaining for the individual. 

Final Transcript(s) Requirement

Transfer students must ensure that the Admissions Office has an official and final transcript from your undergraduate school(s) and Law School (and graduate schools, if applicable).  The document(s) must come directly from either your school(s) or LSAC. With respect to your undergraduate (and graduate school(s), if applicable), the document(s) must indicate degree conferral on its face. If the Admissions Office does not have the document(s) on file by October 15, the transfer student risks being withdrawn from enrollment by the Student Records Office.

Course Enrollment

Courses for 2018-19 are published to the Law School’s website in mid-to-late June, when students will be able to learn about course descriptions, expected class requirements and schedule information. Rising 2Ls (including incoming transfer students) will access the Lottery Course Selector (LCS) (via the Law School’s intranet system, LawWeb) between July 12 at noon and July 15 at 11:59 p.m. to submit a prioritized list of up to 20 courses occuring in Fall, J-term or Spring which will satisfy graduation requirements (Skills, Ethics, and/or Upper-Level Writing Requirements). Shortly thereafter, SRO will email students individually to notify of courses obtained (up to 3 classes). Rising 2Ls (including incoming transfers) can access LCS again on July 26 at noon through July 29 at 11:59 p.m. to submit a prioritized list of up to 20 Fall classes (grad. requirement-satisfying or not). Shortly thereafter, SRO will email students individually to notify of courses obtained (up to 16 credits). Prior course evaluations can be found on LawWeb.

Incoming transfer students will then have the opportunity, along with all other upper-level law students, to make adjustments (if any desired) to their Fall schedules during ADD/DROP between August 18 at 2 p.m. and September 5 at 4 p.m.  ADD/DROP is done in the University’s Student Information System (SIS) not LCS.. Instructions for using SIS to add, drop or waitlist courses can be found on LawWeb, and SRO staff are available to help and answer questions too.

SRO will email incoming transfer students above the above enrollment processes as the dates approach, but students can read and learn about all of these processes/deadlines on LawWeb (or by contacting or stopping by SRO).

Fall Finals Period

Please refer to the Academic Calendar. Reading Days occur on the two days following the last day of classes, and the Finals period commences thereafter from December 8 through December 20. Also, unless an earlier deadline has been established and posted, all final papers (including Independent Research due at the end of the semester) must be submitted by noon (EST) on the last day of the Finals period, December 20. 

Class Attendance  

Regular class attendance is required.  Refer to the online Academic Policies for more details.

Class Preparation 

All students are expected to have read and studied assignments before class, including the first class of the semester. Initial assignments will be posted online on the course homepages on LawWeb.

LawWeb and Information Resources

The Law School’s intranet, LawWeb, contains an abundance of resources and information for students, such as exam calendars, course evaluations, course enrollment dates/processes, Canvas (course homepages), bar exam/licensure guidance, etc.

For an official statement of Law School policies and regulations, please refer to the University Graduate Record and the Law School's Academic PoliciesPlease read the Academic Policies carefully. Students are responsible for developing a working knowledge of this information.